mail 2.0.0rc4 read_private_message 1255010691 Read Private Message mail 2.0.0rc4 subject_amp_text 1255010724 mail 2.0.0rc4 text 1255010742 Text mail 2.0.0rc4 all_members 1255010754 All Members mail 2.0.0rc4 featured_members 1255010763 Featured Members mail 2.0.0rc4 online 1255010771 Online mail 2.0.0rc4 updated 1255010780 Updated mail 2.0.0rc4 name_and_photo_only 1255010789 Name and Photo Only mail 2.0.0rc4 name_photo_and_users_details 1255010800 Name, Photo and Users Details mail 2.0.0rc4 private_messages 1255010811 Private Messages mail 2.0.0rc4 view_private_messages 1255010824 View Private Messages mail 2.0.0rc4 currently_your_account_is_marked_as_a_spammer 1255010848 mail 2.0.0rc4 unable_to_send_a_private_message_to_this_user_at_the_moment 1255010860 Unable to send a private message to this user at the moment. mail 2.0.0rc4 select_a_member_to_send_a_message_to 1255010873 Select a member to send a message to. mail 2.0.0rc4 this_message_feels_like_spam_try_again 1255010889 This message feels like SPAM. Try again. mail 2.0.0rc4 mail 1255010900 Mail mail 2.0.0rc4 no_mail_specified 1255010921 No mail specified. mail 2.0.0rc4 mail_deleted_successfully 1255010931 Mail deleted successfully. mail 2.0.0rc4 mail_could_not_be_deleted 1255010940 Mail could not be deleted. mail 2.0.0rc4 error_you_did_not_select_any_message 1255010975 Error you did not select any message. mail 2.0.0rc4 mail_folder_does_not_exist 1255010990 Mail folder does not exist. mail 2.0.0rc4 new_messages 1255011113 New Messages mail 2.0.0rc4 compose_message 1255011123 Compose Message mail 2.0.0rc4 1_new_message 1255011141 1 new message mail 2.0.0rc4 total_new_messages 1255011158 {total} new messages mail 2.0.0rc4 user_link_sent_you_a_message 1255011189 {user_link} sent you a message. mail 2.0.0rc4 mail_text 1255011211 Mail Text mail 2.0.0rc4 too_many_users_this_message_was_sent_to_the_first_total_users 1255011269 Too many users, this message was sent to the first {total} users. mail 2.0.0rc4 unable_to_send_a_private_message_to_full_name_as_they_have_disabled_this_option_for_the_moment 1255011317 mail 2.0.0rc4 user_has_reached_their_inbox_limit 1255011371 User has reached their inbox limit. mail 2.0.0rc4 you_cannot_message_yourself 1255011381 You cannot message yourself. mail 2.0.0rc4 you_can_only_message_your_friends 1255011391 You can only message your friends. mail 2.0.0rc4 not_a_valid_message 1255011402 Not a valid message. mail 2.0.0rc4 full_name_sent_you_a_message_on_site_title 1255011428 {full_name} sent you a message on {site_title}. mail 2.0.0rc4 full_name_sent_you_a_message_subject_subject 1255011550 {link}]]> mail 2.0.0rc4 you_will_delete_every_message_in_this_folder 1255011670 You will delete every message in this folder. mail 2.0.0rc4 member_search 1255011737 Member Search mail 2.0.0rc4 search 1255011746 Search mail 2.0.0rc4 within 1255011754 within mail 2.0.0rc4 user_group 1255011762 User Group mail 2.0.0rc4 show_members 1255011771 Show Members mail 2.0.0rc4 messages_title 1255011791 Messages mail 2.0.0rc4 from 1255012424 From mail 2.0.0rc4 sent 1255012445 Sent mail 2.0.0rc4 read_message 1255012456 Read Message mail 2.0.0rc4 delete_message 1255012464 Delete Message mail 2.0.0rc4 message_sender 1255012478 Message Sender mail 2.0.0rc4 message_user 1255012491 Message User mail 2.0.0rc4 message_receiver 1255012502 Message Receiver mail 2.0.0rc4 are_you_sure 1255012828 Are you sure? mail 2.0.0rc4 no_messages_to_show 1255012839 No messages to show. mail 2.0.0rc4 send_a_copy_to_myself 1255012896 Send a copy to myself. mail 2.0.0rc4 you_can_only_send_this_message_to_total_users 1255012917 You can only send this message to {total} users. mail 2.0.0rc4 messages_total_days_old_will_be_auto_deleted 1255012972 Messages {total} days old will be auto deleted. mail 2.0.0rc4 you_have_reached_your_mail_box_capacity_and_wont_be_able 1255013019 You have reached your mail box capacity and wont be able to receive any more mail until you free some space. mail 2.0.0rc4 you_are_approaching_your_mail_box_limit 1255013047 You are approaching your mail box limit, currently at {total}%. When you reach 100% you wont be able to receive more mail. mail 2.0.0rc4 view_attachments 1255013086 View Attachments mail 2.0.0rc4 you_wrote_to_yourself_at_time_stamp 1255013288 You wrote to yourself at {time_stamp}. mail 2.0.0rc4 preview 1255013349 Preview mail 2.0.0rc4 you_wrote_to_user_name_at_time_stamp 1255013419 You wrote to {user_name} at {time_stamp}. mail 2.0.0rc4 user_name_wrote_at_time_stamp 1255013490 {user_name} wrote at {time_stamp}. mail 2.0.0rc4 site_sent_you_a_message 1255013528 {site} sent you a message. mail 2.0.0rc4 mass_message_to 1255013568 Mass message to mail 2.0.0rc4 previous 1255013600 Previous mail 2.0.0rc4 newer_message 1255013608 Newer Message mail 2.0.0rc4 next 1255013615 Next mail 2.0.0rc4 older_message 1255013623 Older Message compose.html.php index.html.php view.html.php