mail 3.0.0 li_a_href_link_email_image_new_messages_messages_number_a_li 1322564965 {email_image} New Messages( {messages_number})
  • ]]> mail 3.0.0 get_the_total_number_of_unseen_messages_if_you_do_not_pass_the_user_id_we_will_return_information_about_the_user_that_is_currently_logged_in 1322565349 Get the total number of unseen messages. If you do not pass the #{USER_ID} we will return information about the user that is currently logged in. mail 3.0.0 folder_successfully_deleted 1322739661 Folder successfully deleted. mail 3.0.0 message_s_successfully_deleted 1322739692 Message(s) successfully deleted. mail 2.0.7 setting_disallow_select_of_recipients 1289312477 Disallow Selecting Not Allowed RecipientsWhen this setting is enabled the script will run an extra check on each target user when selecting who will receive an internal mail. This helps the user selector to be more user friendly by not allowing to choose and write a message to someone who cannot receive it but at the same time it uses more resources and could slow down your site.]]>