mail 0 boolean threaded_mail_conversation setting_threaded_mail_conversation 1 3.2.0beta1 0 mail 3.1.0rc1 menu_mail_mail_532c28d5412dd75bf975fb951c740a30 1332257801 Mail mail 3.2.0beta1 setting_threaded_mail_conversation 1332427188 Threaded Mail ConversationEnable this option to display messages from 2 users as 1 conversation.]]> mail 3.2.0beta1 full_name_sent_you_a_message_no_subject 1333370797 {link}]]> mail 3.2.0beta1 unable_to_export_your_messages 1333551243 Unable to export your messages. mail 3.2.0beta1 message_has_been_read 1333551307 Message has been read mail 3.2.0beta1 forward 1333551331 Forward mail 3.2.0beta1 unable_to_find_a_conversation_history_with_this_user 1333551348 Unable to find a conversation history with this user. mail 3.2.0beta1 messages_un_archived 1333551406 Messages un-archived mail 3.2.0beta1 messages_archived 1333551413 Messages archived mail 3.2.0beta1 moderation 1333551420 Moderation mail 3.2.0beta1 sent_via_a_mobile_device 1333551450 Sent via a mobile device mail 3.2.0beta1 message_successfully_archived 1333551511 Message successfully archived. mail 3.2.0beta1 message_successfully_unarchived 1333551530 Message successfully unarchived. mail 3.2.0beta1 archive 1333551553 Archive mail 3.2.0beta1 un_archive 1333551560 Un-archive mail 3.2.0beta1 export 1333551567 Export mail 3.2.0beta1 unable_to_find_the_message_you_are_trying_to_mark_as_read_unread 1333551590 Unable to find the message you are trying to mark as read/unread. mail 3.2.0beta1 unarchive 1333551635 Unarchive mail 3.2.0beta1 you_are_currently_viewing_our_legacy_inbox 1333629750 You are currently viewing our legacy inbox. mail 3.2.0beta1 you_are_viewing_a_message_that_is_from_our_legacy_inbox 1333629873 You are viewing a message that is from our legacy inbox. mail mobile menu_mail_mail_532c28d5412dd75bf975fb951c740a30 119 mail 3.1.0rc1 mail small_mail.png mail controller mail mail.component_controller_thread_clean 1334069444 3.2.0beta1