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Category successfully deleted. Manage Categories Provide a name for this listing. Provide a location for this listing. Listing successfully updated. Successfully uploaded images for this listing. Successfully invited users for this listing. Successfully updated this listing. Listing successfully added. Edit a Marketplace Listing Edit a Listing Create a Marketplace Listing Create a Listing Marketplace Listing successfully deleted. Date Added Name Recent Listings My Listings Featured Invitations Pending The listing you are looking for either does not exist or has been removed. Select Select a Sub-Category Provide a category name. Invalid callback on marketplace listing. {user_name} left you a comment on {site_title}. {link}]]> {full_name} added a new comment on their own listing.]]> {full_name} added a new comment on your listing.]]> {full_name} added a new comment on {item_user_name}'s listing.]]> {owner_full_name} added a new listing "{title}".]]> Listings {user_link} invited you to a marketplace listing. No listing invites. Marketplace Invites Marketplace Text {link}"]]> {full_name} added the following personal message Unable to find the listing you want to delete. You do not have sufficient permission to delete this listing. You do not have sufficient permission to modify this listing. Unable to find the listing you want to approve. Your listing has been approved on {site_title}. {link}]]> Provide a category this listing will belong to. Are you sure? This will delete all listings that belong to this category and cannot be undone. Posted on {time_stamp}. The file size limit is {file_size}. If your upload does not work, try uploading a smaller picture. Click here to approve listings. Posted {time_samp} in {country_iso}. Posted {time_stamp} by {user_info}. This song has been added to your profile. This song has been removed from your profile. Basic Info Keywords Location City Zip/Postal Code Sort Submit Reset Photos Summary Posted On Posted By User Rating User Activity No visits. No results. Add New Listing Edit Listing Manage Photos Send Invitations Manage Invites Contact Report this Listing Report Delete Listing Delete this image for the listing. Are you sure? Click to set as default image. No listings added yet. Add a Listing Marketplace Category Details Parent Category Edit Delete Update Order View This Listing Step 1 Listing Details Step 2 Step 3 Invite Title Short Description Full Description USD Select Image(s) You can upload a JPG, GIF or PNG file. Upload Invite Friends Invite People via Email Separate multiple emails with a comma. Add a Personal Message New Guest List Unable to find what you are looking for. No listings have been added. Be the first to add a listing. There is one listing that is pending approval. There are {total} listings that are pending approval. Approve this listing. Approve Feature this listing. Feature Un-Feature this listing. Unfeature Listing is pending approval. Successfully deleted listing. Rating Category Update Cancel You have not added any listings yet. No listings have been featured. You have not received any invites. No listings pending approval. This category name cannot be used due to that there is already another category with the same name being used. Can browse and view listings? Can create a listing? {full_name} likes your listing.]]> {full_name} likes {gender} own listing.]]> {full_name} likes {view_full_name}'s listing.]]> Sponsored Listings How Many Sponsor Listings To ShowThis setting tells how many sponsored listings will be shown on the sponsor block. Default is 5.]]> Can members of this user group mark a listing in the marketplace as sponsor? Sponsor Unsponsor Listing successfully sponsored Listing successfully unsponsored Sponsor your listings Can members of this user group purchase a sponsored ad space? How much is the sponsor space worth for marketplace listings? This works in a CPM basis. The listing you are trying to sponsor cannot be found. Marketplace Listing: {sListingTitle} Payment for the sponsor space of marketplace listing: {sListingTitle} After the user has purchased a sponsored space, should the listing be published right away? If set to false, the admin will have to approve each new purchased sponsored listing space before it is shown in the site. Buy It Now Enable Instant Payment Can sell items on the marketplace? Unable to find the listing you are looking for. Sold Auto-Sold here.]]> Closed (Item Sold) Unable to purchase this item. Review and Confirm Purchase By clicking on the button below, you commit to buy this item from the seller. Commit to Buy Payment Methods Item Sold: {title} {link} Users Name: {full_name} Users Profile: {user_link} Price: {price}]]> Purchased by Purchased You do not have any invoices. ID Status Date Pay Now Marketplace Invoices Invoices Paid Cancelled Pending Payment Can sponsor a marketplace listing? You are creating a listing a little too soon. Manage Invoices How many activity points should the user get when adding a new listing? Listing successfully featured Listing successfully un-featured Un-Feature Listing has been approved. Listing Approved Search Listings... Latest Most Viewed Most Liked Most Discussed Anywhere All Listings Listing Invites Pending Listings No marketplace listings found. Pending Approval Sponsored Actions See More What are you selling? Description Add city/zip Listing Privacy Control who can see this listing. Comment Privacy Control who can comment on this listing. Successfully uploaded images. Successfully invited users. Editing Listing Align Left Report this listing {title}" To view this listing follow the link below: {link}]]> Loading... Close More From Seller Contact Seller Featured Listings {title}]]> {title} "]]> {title}". To see the comment thread, follow the link below: {link} ]]> {full_name} commented on {gender} listing. {title}". To see the comment thread, follow the link below: {link}]]> {title}". To see the comment thread, follow the link below: {link}]]> On {name}'s listing.]]> {full_name}'s listing "{title}"]]> {full_name}'s listing "{title}"]]> Listing(s) successfully approved. Listing(s) successfully deleted. Listing(s) successfully featured. Listing(s) successfully un-featured. Control how many photos a user can upload to a marketplace listing each time. {user_name} tagged you in a marketplace listing HTML Not Allowed Marketplace Visited Invited can_post_comment_on_listing can_edit_own_listing can_edit_other_listing can_delete_own_listing can_delete_other_listings max_upload_size_listing can_feature_listings listing_approve can_approve_listings can_access_marketplace can_create_listing can_sponsor_marketplace can_purchase_sponsor marketplace_sponsor_price auto_publish_sponsored_item can_sell_items_on_marketplace flood_control_marketplace points_marketplace total_photo_upload_limit database()->insert(Phpfox::getT('marketplace_category'), array( 'name' => $sCategory, 'is_active' => 1, 'ordering' => $iCategoryOrder ) ); } ]]>