music 2.0.0rc4 this_song_has_been_added_to_your_profile 1255081114 This song has been added to your profile. music 2.0.0rc4 this_song_has_been_removed_from_your_profile 1255081122 This song has been removed from your profile. music 2.0.0rc4 basic_info 1255081144 Basic Info music 2.0.0rc4 albums 1255081153 Albums music 2.0.0rc4 browse_filter 1255081171 Browse Filter music 2.0.0rc4 latest 1255081207 Latest music 2.0.0rc4 genres 1255081223 Genres music 2.0.0rc4 latest_tracks 1255081248 Latest Tracks music 2.0.0rc4 favorite_songs 1255081262 Favorite Songs music 2.0.0rc4 provide_a_genre_name 1255081283 Provide a genre name. music 2.0.0rc4 genre_successfully_added 1255081291 Genre successfully added. music 2.0.0rc4 add_genre 1255081298 Add Genre music 2.0.0rc4 successfully_deleted_genres 1255081310 Successfully deleted genres. music 2.0.0rc4 manage_genres 1255081355 Manage Genres music 2.0.0rc4 date_added 1255081377 Date Added music 2.0.0rc4 name 1255081385 Name music 2.0.0rc4 music_albums 1255081396 Music Albums music 2.0.0rc4 music 1255081404 Music music 2.0.0rc4 popular 1255081436 Popular music 2.0.0rc4 recent_songs 1255081451 Recent Songs music 2.0.0rc4 featured 1255081458 Featured music 2.0.0rc4 pending 1255081472 Pending music 2.0.0rc4 music_songs 1255081485 Music Songs music 2.0.0rc4 songs 1255081498 Songs music 2.0.0rc4 provide_a_name_for_this_album 1255081511 Provide a name for this album. music 2.0.0rc4 album_successfully_updated 1255081522 Album successfully updated. music 2.0.0rc4 tracks_successfully_uploaded 1255081534 Tracks successfully uploaded. music 2.0.0rc4 note_that_it_will_have_to_be_approved_first_before_it_is_displayed_publicly 1255081544 Note that it will have to be approved first before it is displayed publicly. music 2.0.0rc4 album_art_successfully_updated 1255081616 Album art successfully updated. music 2.0.0rc4 album_successfully_added 1255081768 Album successfully added. music 2.0.0rc4 update_album 1255081778 Update Album music 2.0.0rc4 create_album 1255081791 Create Album music 2.0.0rc4 date_joined 1255081823 Date Joined music 2.0.0rc4 album_you_are_looking_for_cannot_be_found 1255081864 Album you are looking for cannot be found. music 2.0.0rc4 provide_a_artist_band_name 1255081881 Provide a Artist/Band name. music 2.0.0rc4 tick_the_box_to_agree_to_our_terms_and_privacy_policy 1255081890 Tick the box to agree to our Terms and Privacy Policy. music 2.0.0rc4 provide_a_value_for 1255081900 Provide a value for music 2.0.0rc4 you_have_successfully_converted_your_account 1255081909 You have successfully converted your account. music 2.0.0rc4 musician_registration 1255081922 Musician Registration music 2.0.0rc4 registration 1255081934 Registration music 2.0.0rc4 provide_a_name_for_this_song 1255081947 Provide a name for this song. music 2.0.0rc4 your_song_was_successfully_uploaded 1255081959 Your song was successfully uploaded. music 2.0.0rc4 upload_a_song 1255081996 Upload a Song music 2.0.0rc4 unable_to_find_the_album_you_are_looking_for 1255082018 Unable to find the album you are looking for. music 2.0.0rc4 total_rating_ratings 1255082186 {total_rating} Ratings music 2.0.0rc4 poor 1255082230 Poor music 2.0.0rc4 nothing_special 1255082238 Nothing Special music 2.0.0rc4 worth_listening_too 1255082246 Worth Listening Too music 2.0.0rc4 pretty_cool 1255082256 Pretty Cool music 2.0.0rc4 awesome 1255082263 Awesome music 2.0.0rc4 you_have_already_voted 1255082288 You have already voted. music 2.0.0rc4 you_cannot_rate_your_own_album 1255082297 You cannot rate your own album. music 2.0.0rc4 the_song_you_are_looking_for_cannot_be_found 1255082310 The song you are looking for cannot be found. music 2.0.0rc4 unable_to_find_the_album_this_song_belongs_to 1255082384 Unable to find the album this song belongs to. music 2.0.0rc4 you_cannot_rate_your_own_song 1255082435 You cannot rate your own song. music 2.0.0rc4 unable_to_find_the_album_you_want_to_edit 1255082469 Unable to find the album you want to edit. music 2.0.0rc4 unable_to_edit_this_album 1255082477 Unable to edit this album. music 2.0.0rc4 provide_a_title_for_this_track 1255082532 Provide a title for this track. music 2.0.0rc4 not_allowed_to_edit_this_photo_album_art 1255082553 Not allowed to edit this photo album art. music 2.0.0rc4 album_you_are_trying_to_delete_cannot_be_found 1255082564 Album you are trying to delete cannot be found. music 2.0.0rc4 not_allowed_to_delete_this_album 1255082575 Not allowed to delete this album. music 2.0.0rc4 a_href_user_link_full_name_a_added_a_new_comment_on_their_own_a_href_title_link_song 1255082706 {full_name} added a new comment on their own song.]]> music 2.0.0rc4 a_href_user_link_full_name_a_added_a_new_comment_on_your_a_href_title_link_song_a 1255082766 {full_name} added a new comment on your song.]]> music 2.0.0rc4 a_href_user_link_full_name_a_added_a_new_comment_on_a_href_item_user_link_item_user_n 1255082794 {full_name} added a new comment on {item_user_name}'s song.]]> music 2.0.0rc4 invalid_callback_on_music_song 1255082855 Invalid callback on music song. music 2.0.0rc4 user_name_left_you_a_comment_on_site_title 1255082873 {user_name} left you a comment on {site_title}. music 2.0.0rc4 user_name_left_you_a_comment_on_your_song_title 1255082959 {link}]]> music 2.0.0rc4 user_name_left_you_a_comment_on_your_music_album_name 1255083035 {link}]]> music 2.0.0rc4 a_href_user_link_full_name_a_added_a_new_comment_on_their_own_a_href_title_link_music 1255083989 {full_name} added a new comment on their own music album.]]> music 2.0.0rc4 a_href_user_link_full_name_a_added_a_new_comment_on_your_a_href_title_link_music_album 1255084044 {full_name} added a new comment on your music album.]]> music 2.0.0rc4 added_a_new_comment_on_a_href_item_user_link_item_user_name_s_album 1255084077 {full_name} added a new comment on {item_user_name}'s music album.]]> music 2.0.0rc4 your_song_title_has_been_approved 1255084164 music 2.0.0rc4 manage_songs 1255084212 Manage Songs music 2.0.0rc4 music_album_text 1255084223 Music Album Text music 2.0.0rc4 select_an_mp3 1255084249 Select an MP3. music 2.0.0rc4 you_have_reached_your_limit_max_songs_allowed_total 1255084287 You have reached your limit. Max songs allowed: {total} music 2.0.0rc4 unable_to_find_the_song_you_want_to_approve 1255084308 Unable to find the song you want to approve. music 2.0.0rc4 your_song_title_has_been_approved_on_site_title 1255084330 music 2.0.0rc4 your_song_title_has_been_approved_on_site_title_to_view_this_song 1255084396 {link}]]> music 2.0.0rc4 there_is_one_song_that_is_pending_approval 1255084599 There is one song that is pending approval. music 2.0.0rc4 there_are_total_songs_that_are_pending_approval 1255084611 There are {total} songs that are pending approval. music 2.0.0rc4 click_here_to_approve_songs 1255084741 Click here to approve songs. music 2.0.0rc4 no_songs_found 1255084750 No songs found. music 2.0.0rc4 view_this_album 1255084762 View This Album music 2.0.0rc4 skip_amp_view_this_album 1255084770 music 2.0.0rc4 step_1 1255084781 Step 1 music 2.0.0rc4 album_details 1255086513 Album Details music 2.0.0rc4 step_2 1255086674 Step 2 music 2.0.0rc4 album_art 1255086683 Album Art music 2.0.0rc4 step_3 1255086715 Step 3 music 2.0.0rc4 tracks 1255086722 Tracks music 2.0.0rc4 album_name 1255086736 Album Name music 2.0.0rc4 album_year 1255086745 Album Year music 2.0.0rc4 description 1255086752 Description music 2.0.0rc4 add_album 1255086770 Add Album music 2.0.0rc4 select_photo 1255086779 Select Photo music 2.0.0rc4 are_you_sure 1255086913 Are you sure? music 2.0.0rc4 click_a_href_onclick_javascript_here_a_to_delete_this_image_and_upload_a_new_one_in_its_p 1255086946 here to delete this image and upload a new one in its place.]]> music 2.0.0rc4 you_can_upload_a_jpg_gif_or_png_file 1255086964 You can upload a JPG, GIF or PNG file. music 2.0.0rc4 upload 1255087033 Upload music 2.0.0rc4 upload_track 1255087042 Upload Track music 2.0.0rc4 album_tracks 1255087061 Album Tracks music 2.0.0rc4 no_musicians_found 1255087525 No musicians found. music 2.0.0rc4 no_musicians_have_joined 1255087532 No musicians have joined. music 2.0.0rc4 join_now_if_you_are_a_musician 1255087541 Join now if you are a musician. music 2.0.0rc4 you_retain_all_rights_in_your_music_that_you_upload 1255087565 You retain all rights in your music that you upload. You must only upload music in which you own all the rights. If you upload any music in which you do not own all the rights, you may be violating copyright law.

Uploading copyrighted music without the explicit consent of the copyright owner will result in your profile being cancelled.

Musician profiles are for Musicians/Bands.

Notice: You will convert your current profile into a Musicians profile.

music 2.0.0rc4 b_notice_b_you_have_an_admin_account_and_if_you_convert_your_account_into_a_musicians_account 1255087579 Notice: You have an Admin account and if you convert your account into a "Musicians" account you will lose all your Admin rights.]]> music 2.0.0rc4 artist_band_name 1255087589 Artist/Band Name music 2.0.0rc4 register 1255087857 Register music 2.0.0rc4 play_all_total_track 1255087904 Play All ({total_track}) music 2.0.0rc4 about_this_album 1255087923 About This Album music 2.0.0rc4 tracklist 1255087931 Tracklist music 2.0.0rc3 rating 1254405150 Rating music 2.0.0rc3 plays 1254405176 Plays music 2.0.0rc3 released 1254405185 Released music 2.0.0rc3 total_play_plays 1254405321 {total_play} plays music 2.0.0rc3 total_track_tracks 1254405469 {total_track} tracks music 2.0.0rc3 by 1254405591 By music 2.0.0rc3 album 1254405601 Album music 2.0.0rc3 approve_this_song 1254405626 Approve this song. music 2.0.0rc3 feature_this_song 1254405668 Feature this song. music 2.0.0rc3 un_feature_this_song 1254405706 Un-Feature this song. music 2.0.0rc3 add_this_song_to_your_profile 1254405724 Add this song to your profile. music 2.0.0rc3 report_this_song 1254406065 Report this Song music 2.0.0rc3 delete_track 1254406141 Delete Track music 2.0.0rc3 keywords 1254576099 Keywords music 2.0.0rc3 sort 1254576109 Sort music 2.0.0rc3 submit 1254576138 Submit music 2.0.0rc3 reset 1254576149 Reset music 2.0.0rc3 genre 1254576165 Genre music 2.0.0rc3 genre_total 1254576248 Genre {total} music 2.0.0rc3 none 1254576296 None music 2.0.0rc3 added 1254576519 Added music 2.0.0rc3 total_plays 1254576703 {total} plays music 2.0.0rc3 total_tracks 1254576826 {total} tracks music 2.0.0rc3 all 1254576960 All music 2.0.0rc3 edit 1254576993 Edit music 2.0.0rc3 upload_new_track 1254577009 Upload New Track music 2.0.0rc3 delete_album 1254577030 Delete Album music 2.0.0rc3 report 1254577104 Report music 2.0.0rc3 report_this_music_album 1254577196 Report this Music Album music 2.0.0rc3 feature_this_album 1254577227 Feature this album. music 2.0.0rc3 un_feature_this_album 1254577240 Un-Feature this album. music 2.0.0rc3 feature 1254577262 Feature music 2.0.0rc3 unfeature 1254577273 Unfeature music 2.0.0rc3 add_to_profile 1254577423 Add to Profile music 2.0.0rc3 remove_this_song_from_your_profile 1254577440 Remove this song from your profile. music 2.0.0rc3 remove_from_profile 1254577453 Remove from Profile music 2.0.0rc3 approve 1254577485 Approve music 2.0.0rc3 cannot_display_player_while_designing_your_profile 1254577663 Cannot display player while designing your profile. music 2.0.0rc3 you_retain_all_rights_in_your_music_that_you_upload_you_must_only_upload_music_in_which_you_own_all 1254578051 You retain all rights in your music that you upload. You must only upload music in which you own all the rights. If you upload any music in which you do not own all the rights, you may be violating copyright law. music 2.0.0rc3 uploading_copyrighted_music_without_the_explicit_consent_of_the_copyright_owner_will_result_in_your 1254578072 Uploading copyrighted music without the explicit consent of the copyright owner will result in your profile being cancelled. music 2.0.0rc3 select 1254578101 Select music 2.0.0rc3 select_mp3 1254578160 Select MP3 music 2.0.0rc3 max_file_size 1254578172 Max file size music 2.0.0rc3 song_name 1254578184 Song Name music 2.0.0rc3 check_if_song_contains_explicit_lyrics 1254578225 Check if song contains explicit lyrics. music 2.0.0rc3 genre_details 1254578252 Genre Details music 2.0.0rc3 genre_name 1254578368 Genre Name music 2.0.0rc3 delete_selected 1254578467 Delete Selected music 2.0.0rc3 no_albums_found 1254578672 No albums found. music 2.0.0rc4 i_have_read_and_agree_to_the_terms_of_use_and_privacy_policy 1255089163 Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.]]> music 2.0.0rc4 no_albums_have_been_created_yet 1255092650 No albums have been created yet. music 2.0.0rc4 click_here_to_create_one 1255092682 Click here to create one. music 2.0.0rc4 play 1255092732 Play music 2.0.0rc4 are_you_sure_this_will_delete_all_tracks_that_belong_to_this_album_and_cannot_be_undone 1255092976 Are you sure? This will delete all tracks that belong to this album and cannot be undone. music 2.0.0rc4 no_songs_uploaded_yet 1255093004 No songs uploaded yet. music 2.0.0rc4 no_songs_added_yet 1255093013 No songs added yet. music 2.0.0rc4 click_here_to_upload 1255093081 Click here to upload. music 2.0.0rc4 click_here_to_find_songs 1255093089 Click here to find songs.
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