music 0 boolean music_enable_mass_uploader setting_music_enable_mass_uploader 1 2.0.8 1 music 2.0.8 setting_music_enable_mass_uploader 1294995190 Enable Mass UploaderWhen enabled users will be allowed to use a mass song uploader to select multiple files from a single file select dialog. This uses an integration of SWFUpload ( and thus it uses a Flash object.]]> 0 profile.index music song 3 0 15 1 <source_code /> <source_parsed /> </block> <block> <type_id>0</type_id> <m_connection>profile.index</m_connection> <module_id>music</module_id> <component>profile</component> <location>3</location> <is_active>0</is_active> <ordering>16</ordering> <disallow_access /> <can_move>1</can_move> <title>Favorite Songs