photo phpfox 0 1 1 module_photo '75', 1 => '100', 2 => '150', 3 => '240', 4 => '500', 5 => '1024' );";]]> 5 F j, Y 0 1 10 10 40 0 Check out our photo gallery. photo, photos, albums, gallery 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 In This Album Photo Details database() ->select('COUNT(*)') ->from(Phpfox::getT('photo')) ->where('view_id = 0') ->execute('getSlaveField');]]> How many categories to show in titleWhen viewing a photo with categories assigned you can show these categories in the title of the page. This setting tells how many categories to show. Set to 0 if you dont want to show categories in the title of the page when viewing a photo.]]> Photos Photos Photos Can create a new photo album? Notice: If you set this value to null it will allow them to create an unlimited amount of photo albums. Setting this value to 0 will not allow them the ability to create photo albums.]]> Photo Image SizesPhoto Image Sizes]]> Points received when uploading a new image. Can upload photos? Can password protect photo albums? Can use privacy settings when creating an album? Upload InputsDefine how many upload inputs should be displayed when a user is uploading photos.]]> Notice: This setting does not control how many images a user can upload in total, just how many they can upload each time they use the upload form to upload new images.]]> Can add photos to the public rating sections? Can add tags on photos? Can control how comments behave on their photos? Can add mature images with warnings? Can search for photos? Define how many images a user can view at once when browsing the public photo section? Notice: This value must be part of the setting photo.total_photos_displays array in order to be valid.]]> Notice: This value should work together with the setting photo.total_photos_displays and in most cases should either be the same value as the highest number in the array or lower. The reason to set this value lower is to show users that the gallery can at max view 100 per page but maybe you only want this specific user group to display 24 images out of that max total (100).]]> Notice: To add X minutes here are some examples: [code] 1 min 2 min 30 min [/code] If you would like to define it in seconds here are some examples: [code] 20 sec 30 sec 90 sec [/code]]]> Categories Image DetailsImage Details]]> Can download a users photo? Can view all available photo sizes? Can edit own photo album? Can edit photo albums that belong to other users? Can add a new photo album? Notice: This is intended for a user group with Admin rights as this will allow them full access to all photos uploaded on the site, which in return can give them control to moderate images.]]> Protect PhotosIf you would like to protect the privacy of your members photos set this option to True. By enabling this feature users will not be allowed to view images via their direct path if they do not have permission to view that specific image. This will however add extra queries to the database and can add an extra strain to the server. Notice: Apache "mod_rewrite" will have to be enabled to use this feature. Once you have enabled this feature you must edit the file ".htaccess" find in your sites root directory. Look for the following in that file: [code] # RewriteRule ^file/pic/photo/(.*).(.*)$ static/image.php?file=$1&ext=$2 [/code] Replace it with: [code] RewriteRule ^file/pic/photo/(.*).(.*)$ static/image.php?file=$1&ext=$2 [/code] ]]> Can delete own photo? Can delete photos uploaded by other users? Can edit own photo? Can edit photos added by other users? Note:The age you define will allow users with that age or older the ability to view mature photos.]]> {owner_full_name} added photos to their album "{album_name}".]]> Photo RatingSet to True if you would like to enable the ability for users to rate on photos uploaded by other users.]]> Can rate photos? Total Photos to Cache for Rating SectionDefine how many images to cache when rating images. This will load X photos when visiting the rating section and will allow users the ability to rate images at a very fast rate. Once X images have been rated the script will use AJAX to load the next round of X images. Notice: "X" is the value of this specific setting.]]> Randomize Photos in the Rating SectionSet to True if photos within the rating section should be randomized. If set to False we will display images based on the date they were uploaded in descending order. Notice: Either setting will allow the users the ability to only rate an image once. Images are not recycled.]]> Can edit public photo categories? Can add public photo categories? Photo Cache for Photo BattleDefine how many images to cache when display the photo battle.]]> True if photos uploaded must be approved before they are visible to the public.]]> Can approve photos that require moderation? Can feature a photo? Rename Photo NamesSet to True if you would like to rename a photo based on what the title of the photo or the title provided by the user when processing their recently uploaded photos. By default we use a 32 character unique hash to protect images, however enabling this feature will still create a unique ID for each image and help with image SEO. Notice: Apache "mod_rewrite" will have to be enabled to use this feature. Once you have enabled this feature you must edit the file ".htaccess" find in your sites root directory. Look for the following in that file: [code] # Rename Photo Names [/code] Under that line you will find 2 lines that have been commented out. Simply uncomment those 2 lines by removing the hash "#" symbol. ]]> Can delete own photo album? Can delete photo albums created by other users? Can tag own photo? Can tag photos added by other users? How many times can a user tag their own photo? How many times can this user tag photos added by other users? Total Tags on PhotosDefine how many tags a photo can have.]]> Photos Watermark PhotosEnable this option to watermark photos. Notice: The setting core.watermark_option must be enabled.]]> Photo Meta DescriptionMeta description for the photo sections.]]> Photo Meta KeywordsKeywords for the photo sections.]]> You have reached your limit. You are currently unable to create new photo albums. No more available images to rate. Editing category Cancel Are you sure? Un-Feature this photo. Feature this photo. Photo successfully featured. Photo successfully un-featured. Photo successfully uploaded. Photos successfully uploaded. Processing image {current}/{total} Provide a name for your album. Select a privacy setting for your album. Categories Image Details Featured Photo Browse Filter Photos View More Photos Average Rating Provide a name for your photo category. Photo category order successfully updated. Invalid section. Photo category successfully deleted. Photo category successfully updated. Photo category successfully added. Manage Photo Categories Photo album successfully deleted. Invalid photo album. Password is not correct. Please try again. Photo Battle Battle Not allowed to download this image. Photo section is closed. {site_title} has a total of {total} photo(s). Section is private. Photo rating is disabled. Rate Photos Rate Photo Tags Photo Tags Upload Photos Photos successfully updated. Photo(s) successfully updated. Process Photos Upload Invalid photo. Sorry, this photo can only be viewed by those older then the age of {limit}. Not a valid photo album to delete. You do not have sufficient permission to delete this photo album. Unable to find the photo. This photo is already tagged in the same position. No more tags for this photo can be added. {full_name} has already been tagged in this photo. Provide a photo tag. Not allowed to tag this photo. Unable to find photo. Unable to delete this tag. {owner_full_name} uploaded a new photo.]]> {owner_full_name} uploaded new photos.]]> {full_name} added a new comment on their own photo.]]> {full_name} added a new comment on your photo.]]> {full_name} added a new comment on {item_user_name}'s photo.]]> {user_name} left you a comment on {site_title}. {link}]]> {link}]]> {full_name} wrote a comment on your photo "{title}".]]> {full_name} approved your comment on {site_title}. {link}]]> Photo uploaded on {time_stamp} by {full_name}.]]> Photo Albums Upload a Photo Manage Photos View Photos Unable to find the photo you plan to edit. Updating Album Loading None of your files were uploaded. Please make sure you upload either a JPG, GIF or PNG file. Updating photo PASSWORD PROTECTED ALBUM PRIVATE ALBUM {name} by {full_name} View More Albums ({total}) Submit All Categories URL Search for Keyword Display Sort Time Most Viewed Most Talked About Top Rated Top Battle By Descending Ascending Name Description Privacy Public (Photos will be added to our public photo section.) Personal (Photos will only be displayed on your profile.) Friends (Only you and your friends can view this album.) Preferred List (Only you and the members you select can view this album.) Password-Protect Image is pending approval. Title Category Mature Content No Discussion Allow comments (default) Encourage advanced critique Discourage criticism Moderate comments first Disable comments Public Rating Yes Download Enabled Enabling this option will allow others the rights to download this photo. Enabling this option will allow others the rights to download these photos. Report a Photo Album Report Add to your Favorites Add to Favorites Edit This Album Upload Photos to Album Delete View All Sizes Report a Photo Download Edit this Photo Upload a New Image Delete this Photo Rotate Right Rotate Left Tag this Photo No photos have been added yet. Be the First to Upload a Photo. {title} by {full_name} by {user_info} No photos added yet. Click here to upload a photo. Approve this photo. Set as album cover. No photos uploaded yet. Click here to upload photos. Warning! The photo you are about to view may contain nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language or ideologically sensitive subject matter. Would you like to view this image? No, Thanks. Add a Photo Category Parent Update Are you sure you want to delete this album and all the pictures that belong to it? Note that this cannot be undone. Update Photo Update Album This photo album is password protected. Enter Password No images found. e
There is one image that requires your approval. There are {total} images that require your approval. No public photos have been uploaded yet. Click here to approve photos. Photos ({total}) Albums ({total}) You have not uploaded any photos yet. {user_info} has not uploaded any photos yet. Upload Your Photos Browse Other Photos Skip Back to {full_name}'s photo section.]]> Back to {title}'s photo section.]]> Upload by {user_info} on {time_stamp}. Available sizes Download This Image. Photo Links HTML Embed Photo Path Skip This Step Global Photo Settings Save Global Settings Uploaded Photos Save and then process next batch ({total} left). view this album. view your photos. upload new images. Album Select an album or Create a New One Select Photo(s) process your photos. upload more photos. You can upload a JPG, GIF or PNG file. The file size limit is {file_size}. If your upload does not work, try uploading a smaller picture. Recently Uploaded Process Your Photo(s) in by In this photo Click here to tag as yourself. Groups Select an area on your photo to crop. All Photos Submitted File Size Resolution Comments Views Rating Battle Wins Downloads Not enough photos to have a battle. Get the battle started and upload some photos. Photo successfully deleted. remove tag Added on {time_stamp} by {full_name}. with a total of {total_vote} votes. Photo Count for Photo Albums By: {full_name} No photos have been featured. No photos pending approval. Recent Photos Featured Pending Unfeature Photo successfully unfeatured. Albums No public photo albums found. Advanced critique is encouraged when commenting on this photo. Criticism is discouraged when commenting on this photo. Create a New Album Can browse and view the photo module? {full_name} liked their own photo album.]]> {full_name} liked {view_full_name}'s photo album.]]> {full_name} liked {view_full_name}'s photo.]]> {full_name} liked their own photo.]]> {full_name} liked your photo album.]]> {full_name} liked your photo.]]> Part of the photo album Update Tags (Photo) Can view private and password protected photos? Rate This Image {total_rating} out of 10 No photos found. No photos have been rated. No photo battles have taken place. {total_battle} win(s) AJAX Refresh Featured PhotosWith this option enabled photos within the "Featured Photo" block will refresh.]]> No popular photos found. No featured photos found. Comments ({total_comment}) {total_score} out of 10 click here to browse more photos.]]> cancel Personal (This album will only be displayed on your profile.) Public (This album will be added to our public photo album section.) Delete this image. Update Photo Thumbnails Can post comments on photos? Can members of this user group explicitly set a photo as Sponsor? Unsponsor this photo Sponsor this Photo Photo successfully sponsored. Photo successfully unsponsored. Sponsored Photo Can members of this user group purchase a sponsored ad space? Sponsor your Photos How much is the sponsor space worth? This works in a CPM basis. After the user has purchased a sponsored space, should the item be published right away? If set to false, the admin will have to approve each new purchased sponsored photo space before it is shown in the site. Payment for the sponsor space of photo: {sPhotoTitle} Photo: {sPhotoTitle} Update Friend Count Can view photo albums? Uploading photos a little too soon. Say something about this photo... The following files were not uploaded because their size exceeds the limit of {iLimit}: {sFiles} Enable Mass UploaderWhen enabled users will be allowed to use a mass photo uploader to select multiple files from a single file select dialog. This uses an integration of SWFUpload ( and thus it uses a Flash object.]]> Use simple uploader Use mass uploader Define how many photos to display within an album on a users profile. Album successfully created. Auto Crop PhotosIf this option is enabled images within the photo section will crop images so each image has the same width/height giving the photo section a cleaner look. This works similar to how the photo section on Facebook works.]]> View Photos in Theater ModeIn several areas where we display photos, when a user clicks on the photo they will be able to view the photo on the spot in what we call "Theater Mode" if this option is enabled.]]> Create a New Photo Album Editing Photo Select a photo to attach. Add a title. Photo has been approved. Photo Approved Successfully updated photo(s) Notice Unable to find the photo you are looking for. Unable to import this photo. Note when selecting a photo to import below it will not import its privacy settings as you can control the privacy settings with the item you are attaching this photo to. No photos to select from. Search Photos... Latest Most Discussed Approve My Photos Featured Photos Pending Photos All Albums My Albums Photo Battles Link Delete Photo Edit Photo Make Profile Picture Setting this photo as your profile picture. Please hold... Un-Feature Feature Sponsored Moderate Actions Photo {current} of {total} Previous Next by {full_name} Report this photo {time_stamp} by {full_name} Please hold while your images are being processed. Processing image out of Unable to view this item due to privacy settings. Photo(s) Privacy Comment Privacy Control who can see these photo(s). Control who can comment on these photo(s). basic uploader (works on older computers and web browsers).]]> Profile Pictures Album(s) Privacy Control who can see this photo album and any photos associated with it. Control who can comment on this photo album and any photos associated with it. Mass Edit Photos Update Photo(s) Photo album not found. Album successfully updated. Album Info View This Album Editing Album Report this photo album Upload Photo(s) Edit by Close Full Mode Open Full Mode on {time_stamp}]]> VS No available images to rate. No albums found here. Search Photo Albums... Delete this photo. Who can share a photo? Who can view/browse photos? In the album Set as the album cover. Move to Select Control who can see this photo. Control who can comment on this photo. Update User Photo Count Added plays Get all the photos for a user. If you do not pass the #{USER_ID} we will return information about the user that is currently logged in. Unable to post a comment on this item due to privacy settings. posted a comment on {gender} photo {title}". To see the comment thread, follow the link below: {link}]]> {full_name} commented on {gender} photo. {title}". To see the comment thread, follow the link below: {link}]]> {title}". To see the comment thread, follow the link below: {link}]]> {full_name}'s photo "{title}"]]> {full_name}'s photo "{title}"]]> a photo on {parent_full_name}'s wall]]> {full_name}'s photo album "{title}"]]> {title}". To see the comment thread, follow the link below: {link}]]> {full_name} commented on {gender} photo album. {title}. To see the comment thread, follow the link below: {link}]]> {title}". To see the comment thread, follow the link below: {link}]]> {full_name}'s photo album "{title}"]]> {full_name}'s photo "{title}"]]> Photo BattleSet to True if you would like to enable the ability for users to battle on photos uploaded by other users.]]> Photos unfortunately cannot be uploaded via mobile devices at this moment. Photo Album: Profile photo successfully updated. Photo(s) successfully approved. Photo(s) successfully deleted. Save Changes Subcategories Display Profile Photo within GalleryDisable this feature if you do not want to display profile photos within the photo gallery.]]> Update Profile Photos {user_name} tagged you in a comment in a photo {user_name} tagged you in a comment in a photo album {photo_full_name}'s photo.]]> Allow Selection of CategoriesEnable this feature to give users the option to select a category when they upload photos.]]> Photos Read More {title}" has been approved. To view this photo follow the link below: {sLink}]]> Edit Photos After UploadEnable this option if you want users to edit the batch of photos they had just recently updated.]]> In This Album Please upload an image for your profile. {title}".]]> {title} To view this photo follow the link below: {link}]]> {full_name} tagged you in a photo. Upload a New Image Photo Details
can_create_photo_album max_number_of_albums points_photo can_upload_photos can_password_protect_albums can_use_privacy_settings max_images_per_upload can_add_to_rating_module can_add_tags_on_photos can_control_comments_on_photos can_add_mature_images can_search_for_photos total_photos_displays default_photo_display_limit max_photo_display_limit refresh_featured_photo can_download_user_photos can_view_all_photo_sizes can_edit_own_photo_album can_edit_other_photo_albums can_view_hidden_photos can_delete_own_photo can_delete_other_photos can_edit_own_photo can_edit_other_photo photo_mature_age_limit can_rate_on_photos can_edit_photo_categories can_add_public_categories photo_must_be_approved can_approve_photos can_feature_photo can_delete_own_photo_album can_delete_other_photo_albums can_tag_own_photo can_tag_other_photos how_many_tags_on_own_photo how_many_tags_on_other_photo photo_max_upload_size can_view_photos can_view_private_photos can_post_on_photos can_sponsor_photo can_purchase_sponsor photo_sponsor_price auto_publish_sponsored_item can_view_photo_albums flood_control_photos total_photo_display_profile database()->insert(Phpfox::getT('photo_category'), array( 'name' => $sCategory, 'ordering' => $iCategoryOrder ) ); } ]]>