photo 1 boolean rating_randomize_photos setting_rating_randomize_photos 1 2.0.0alpha1 0 photo 2.0.0rc11 no_photos_have_been_featured 1260189682 No photos have been featured. photo 2.0.0rc11 no_photos_pending_approval 1260189708 No photos pending approval. photo 2.0.0rc11 recent_photos 1260189785 Recent Photos photo 2.0.0rc11 featured 1260189792 Featured photo 2.0.0rc11 pending 1260189799 Pending photo 2.0.0rc11 unfeature 1260190575 Unfeature photo 2.0.0rc11 photo_successfully_unfeatured 1260190782 Photo successfully unfeatured. photo 2.0.0rc11 albums 1260195690 Albums photo 2.0.0rc11 no_public_photo_albums_found 1260195737 No public photo albums found. photo 2.0.0rc11 advanced_critique_is_encouraged_when_commenting_on_this_photo 1260204958 Advanced critique is encouraged when commenting on this photo. photo 2.0.0rc11 criticism_is_discouraged_when_commenting_on_this_photo 1260204967 Criticism is discouraged when commenting on this photo. photo 2.0.0rc11 create_a_new_album 1260206706 Create a New Album photo 2.0.0rc11 user_setting_can_view_photos 1260276540 Can browse and view the photo module? photo 2.0.0rc4 you_have_rated_all_the_available_images 1255094396 No more available images to rate. 0 photo boolean 1 1 1 1 photo 0 can_view_photos photo service photo photo.service_process_add__end 1260366442 2.0.0rc11 photo controller photo photo.component_controller_public_album_clean 1260366442 2.0.0rc11 profile.html.php view.html.php upload.html.php index.html.php public-album.html.php profile.html.php photo-entry.html.php form.html.php