photo 0 boolean auto_crop_photo setting_auto_crop_photo 1 3.0.0beta1 0 photo 0 boolean rename_uploaded_photo_names setting_rename_uploaded_photo_names 1 2.0.0alpha3 0 photo 3.0.0Beta1 say_something_about_this_photo 1302202989 Say something about this photo... photo 3.0.0beta1 setting_auto_crop_photo 1306738298 Auto Crop PhotosIf this option is enabled images within the photo section will crop images so each image has the same width/height giving the photo section a cleaner look. This works similar to how the photo section on Facebook works.]]> photo 2.0.0alpha3 setting_rename_uploaded_photo_names 1239041807 Rename Photo NamesSet to True if you would like to rename a photo based on what the title of the photo or the title provided by the user when processing their recently uploaded photos. By default we use a 32 character unique hash to protect images, however enabling this feature will still create a unique ID for each image and help with image SEO. Notice: Apache "mod_rewrite" will have to be enabled to use this feature. Once you have enabled this feature you must edit the file ".htaccess" find in your sites root directory. Look for the following in that file: [code] # RewriteRule ^file/pic/photo/([0-9]+)/([0-9]+)/([A-Za-z0-9]{32}+)-(.*?)([_0-9]*?).(.*)$ file/pic/photo/$1/$2/$3$5.$6 [/code] Replace it with: [code] RewriteRule ^file/pic/photo/([0-9]+)/([0-9]+)/([A-Za-z0-9]{32}+)-(.*?)([_0-9]*?).(.*)$ file/pic/photo/$1/$2/$3$5.$6 [/code] ]]> photo main menu_photo 22 photo 2.0.0alpha1 photo photo photo menu_upload_new_image 42 photo.add 2.0.0alpha1 photo photo album-tag photo 0 1 1 0 photo.album photo album-tag 3 1 2 0 In This Album 0 profile.index photo profile 2 0 15 1 <source_code /> <source_parsed /> </block> <block> <type_id>0</type_id> <m_connection>photo.view</m_connection> <module_id>photo</module_id> <component>detail</component> <location>0</location> <is_active>1</is_active> <ordering>2</ordering> <disallow_access /> <can_move>0</can_move> <title /> <source_code /> <source_parsed /> </block> <block> <type_id>0</type_id> <m_connection>photo.view</m_connection> <module_id>photo</module_id> <component>menu</component> <location>1</location> <is_active>0</is_active> <ordering>1</ordering> <disallow_access /> <can_move>0</can_move> <title /> <source_code /> <source_parsed /> </block> <block> <type_id>0</type_id> <m_connection>photo.album</m_connection> <module_id>photo</module_id> <component>menu-album</component> <location>3</location> <is_active>0</is_active> <ordering>1</ordering> <disallow_access /> <can_move>0</can_move> <title /> <source_code /> <source_parsed /> </block> <block> <type_id>0</type_id> <m_connection>photo.rate</m_connection> <module_id>photo</module_id> <component>stat</component> <location>3</location> <is_active>1</is_active> <ordering>1</ordering> <disallow_access /> <can_move>0</can_move> <title /> <source_code /> <source_parsed /> </block> <block> <type_id>0</type_id> <m_connection>group.view</m_connection> <module_id>photo</module_id> <component>parent</component> <location>2</location> <is_active>1</is_active> <ordering>5</ordering> <disallow_access /> <can_move>1</can_move> <title /> <source_code /> <source_parsed /> </block> </phpfox_update_blocks> <feed_share> <share> <module_id>photo</module_id> <title><![CDATA[{phrase var=''}]]> share 0 1 0 photo.png 1