photo 0 boolean display_profile_photo_within_gallery setting_display_profile_photo_within_gallery 1 3.1.0beta1 1 photo 3.1.0beta1 setting_display_profile_photo_within_gallery 1329766842 Display Profile Photo within GalleryDisable this feature if you do not want to display profile photos within the photo gallery.]]> photo 3.1.0beta1 update_profile_photos 1329769181 Update Profile Photos photo 3.1.0beta1 user_name_tagged_you_in_a_comment_in_a_photo 1331221050 {user_name} tagged you in a comment in a photo photo 3.1.0beta1 user_name_tagged_you_in_a_comment_in_a_photo_album 1331221198 {user_name} tagged you in a comment in a photo album 0 photo.view photo detail 3 1 3 0 Photo Details