photo 0 boolean photo_upload_process setting_photo_upload_process 1 3.3.0beta1 0 photo 0 boolean rename_uploaded_photo_names setting_rename_uploaded_photo_names 1 2.0.0alpha3 0 photo 3.3.0beta1 setting_photo_upload_process 1337064029 Edit Photos After UploadEnable this option if you want users to edit the batch of photos they had just recently updated.]]> photo 3.3.0beta1 in_this_album 1339154953 In This Album photo 3.3.0beta1 please_upload_an_image_for_your_profile 1340029029 Please upload an image for your profile. photo 3.1.0rc1 tagged_gender_on_a_href_link_photo_full_name_s_photo 1332162548 {photo_full_name}'s photo.]]>