profile phpfox 1 1 0 module_profile 1 {full_name} - {gender_name} - {location} 1 0 0 1 Pages Cover Photo <![CDATA[Profile Photo & Menu]]> Profile Info <![CDATA[Profile Photo & Menu]]> <![CDATA[Profile Photo & Menu]]> <![CDATA[Profile Photo & Menu]]> <![CDATA[Profile Photo & Menu]]> <![CDATA[Profile Photo & Menu]]> <![CDATA[Profile Photo & Menu]]> <![CDATA[Profile Photo & Menu]]> <![CDATA[Profile Photo & Menu]]> <![CDATA[Profile Photo & Menu]]> <![CDATA[Profile Photo & Menu]]> Can post comments on a users profile? Profile Male Female {years} years old Profile My Profile Customize Profile Can custom design own profile? Drag & Drop Profile BlocksSet to True to enable the feature that allows users the ability to drag-and-drop blocks on their profiles and position them based on where they drop them.]]> Display membership details on a users profile? Gender Birthday Age Last Login Member Since Membership Profile Views RSS Subscribers {total_rating} Ratings Basic Info {full_name} added a new comment on their own profile.]]> {full_name} added a new comment on your profile.]]> {full_name} added a new comment on {item_user_name}'s profile.]]> {user_name} left you a comment on {site_title}. {link}]]> {full_name} wrote a comment on your profile.]]> Profile Profile Info Comments on Online Rating Send a Message Add to Friends Add to your Favorites Add to Favorites Unblock this User Block this User Invite to one of your groups. Invite to a Group Instant Chat Un-Feature this member. Unfeature Feature this member. Feature Change Profile Picture Profile is private. {full_name} from {location} is on {site_title}. {meta_description_profile} {full_name} has {total_friend} friends. Sign up on {site_title} and connect with {full_name}, message {full_name} or add {full_name} as your friend. You have already rated this user. You cannot rate yourself. Location Profile TitleProfile Title]]> {full_name} updated {gender} profile design.]]> {full_name} updated {gender} profile.]]> This user has been banned. Can view a users profile? (Including their own profile.) Updates from Allow Rating of Users via ProfileEnable this option to allow your members the ability to rate other members via their profile.]]> Profile Designer {full_name}'s profile has been updated.]]> {full_name}'s profile design has been updated.]]> {full_name} likes your recent profile design.]]> {full_name} liked their own profile design.]]> {full_name} liked {view_full_name}'s profile design.]]> Wall Info Ajax Profile SectionsEnable this option to load sub-sections on a users profile using AJAX.]]> Show Empty TabsWhen this setting is enabled the script will show tabs for empty items in profiles, for example if a user has not yet uploaded a blog and this setting is enabled, the tab "Blogs" will still show in profiles. If this setting is disabled there will be an extra query for each tab in profiles every time site cache is cleared.]]> My Profile Edit Profile Edit Profile Picture Customize Profile Edit Profile Design Profile Send Message Confirm Friend Request More Edit Friends Pending Friend Confirmation Pending Friend Request Lives in {age} years old Born on {birthday} Relationship status Message Change Picture Drafts Blogs Polls Friends Videos Events Guestbook Listings Music Albums Photos Quizzes Profile Can change profile cover photo? Cover Photo Default Profile Landing PageSelect what should be the default landing page for user profiles.]]> Allow Users Select for Landing PageEnable this option if you would like to allow your users.]]> can_post_comment_on_profile can_custom_design_own_profile display_membership_info can_view_users_profile can_change_cover_photo