quiz 2.0.0rc4 an_error_occured_and_your_image_could_not_be_deleted_please_try_again 1255179090 An error occured and your image could not be deleted. Please try again. quiz 2.0.0rc4 quiz_approved 1255179107 Quiz Approved quiz 2.0.0rc4 an_error_kept_the_system_from_approving_the_quiz_please_try_again 1255179118 An error kept the system from approving the quiz, please try again. quiz 2.0.0rc4 your_membership_does_not_allow_you_to_delete_this_quiz 1255179144 Your membership does not allow you to delete this quiz. quiz 2.0.0rc4 recently_taken_by 1255179158 Recently Taken By quiz 2.0.0rc4 view_more 1255179167 View More quiz 2.0.0rc4 that_quiz_does_not_exist_or_its_awaiting_moderation 1255179184 That quiz does not exist or its awaiting moderation. quiz 2.0.0rc4 your_quiz_has_been_edited 1255179193 Your quiz has been edited. quiz 2.0.0rc4 edit_quiz 1255179332 Edit Quiz quiz 2.0.0rc4 add_new_quiz 1255179343 Add New Quiz quiz 2.0.0rc4 you_need_to_write_a_title 1255179355 You need to write a title. quiz 2.0.0rc4 you_need_to_write_a_description 1255179363 You need to write a description. quiz 2.0.0rc4 do_you_want_to_allow_comments 1255179371 Do you want to allow comments? quiz 2.0.0rc4 is_this_quiz_public_for_friends_only_or_a_specific_list_of_members 1255179383 Is this quiz public, for friends only or a specific list of members? quiz 2.0.0rc4 your_quiz_has_been_added_it_needs_to_be_approved_by_our_staff_before_it_can_be_shown 1255179396 Your quiz has been added. It needs to be approved by our staff before it can be shown. quiz 2.0.0rc4 your_quiz_has_been_added 1255179405 Your quiz has been added. quiz 2.0.0rc4 there_was_an_error_with_your_quiz_please_try_again 1255179415 There was an error with your quiz, please try again. quiz 2.0.0rc4 you_are_not_allowed_to_edit_this_quiz 1255179426 You are not allowed to edit this quiz. quiz 2.0.0rc4 full_name_s_quizzes 1255179462 quiz 2.0.0rc4 quizzes 1255179484 Quizzes quiz 2.0.0rc4 you_have_already_answered_this_quiz 1255179499 You have already answered this quiz. quiz 2.0.0rc4 you_have_to_answer_the_questions_if_you_want_to_do_that 1255179510 You have to answer the questions if you want to do that. quiz 2.0.0rc4 you_are_not_allowed_to_answer_your_own_quiz 1255179519 You are not allowed to answer your own quiz. quiz 2.0.0rc4 your_answers_have_been_submitted_and_your_score_is_score 1255179553 Your answers have been submitted and your score is {score}% quiz 2.0.0rc4 you_need_to_answer_the_quiz_before_looking_at_the_results 1255179603 You need to answer the quiz before looking at the results. quiz 2.0.0rc4 full_name_s_quiz_from_time_stamp_title 1255179676 quiz 2.0.0rc4 a_href_user_link_full_name_a_added_a_new_quiz_a_href_question_url_question_a 1255179742 {full_name} added a new quiz "{question}".]]> quiz 2.0.0rc4 a_href_user_link_full_name_a_added_a_new_comment_on_their_own_a_href_title_link_quiz_a 1255180630 {full_name} added a new comment on their own quiz.]]> quiz 2.0.0rc4 a_href_user_link_full_name_a_added_a_new_comment_on_your_a_href_title_link_quiz_a 1255180721 {full_name} added a new comment on your quiz.]]> quiz 2.0.0rc4 a_href_user_link_full_name_a_added_a_new_comment_on_a_href_item_user_link_item_user_name_s_a_a_href_title_link_quiz_a 1255180745 {full_name} added a new comment on {item_user_name}'s quiz.]]> quiz 2.0.0rc4 full_name_approved_your_comment_on_site_title 1255180828 {full_name} approved your comment on {site_title}. quiz 2.0.0rc4 full_name_approved_your_comment_on_site_title_message 1255180889 {link}]]> quiz 2.0.0rc4 user_name_left_you_a_comment_on_site_title 1255180942 {user_name} left you a comment on {site_title}. quiz 2.0.0rc4 user_name_left_you_a_comment_on_site_title_message 1255180994 {link}]]> quiz 2.0.0rc4 user_name_left_you_a_comment_on_site_title_however_before_it_can_be_displayed_it_needs_to_be_approved_by_you_you_can_approve_or_deny_this_comment_by_following_the_link_below_a_href_link_link_a 1255181069 {link}]]> quiz 2.0.0rc4 on_name_s_quiz 1255181115 quiz 2.0.0rc4 create_a_quiz 1255181137 Create a Quiz quiz 2.0.0rc4 manage_quizzes 1255181145 Manage Quizzes quiz 2.0.0rc4 you_cannot_answer_a_quiz_that_has_not_been_approved 1255181166 You cannot answer a quiz that has not been approved. quiz 2.0.0rc4 you_need_to_answer_every_question 1255181174 You need to answer every question. quiz 2.0.0rc4 you_cannot_answer_your_own_quiz 1255181186 You cannot answer your own quiz. quiz 2.0.0rc4 you_do_not_have_the_permission_to_edit_this_quiz 1255181213 You do not have the permission to edit this quiz. quiz 2.0.0rc4 answer 1255181259 Answer quiz 2.0.0rc4 we_do_not_allow_empty_answers 1255181274 We do not allow empty answers. quiz 2.0.0rc4 we_do_not_allow_default_answers_answer 1255181295 We do not allow default answers ({answer}). quiz 2.0.0rc4 the_question_field_cannot_be_empty 1255181314 The question field cannot be empty. quiz 2.0.0rc4 you_need_to_set_at_least_one_correct_answer_per_question 1255181324 You need to set at least one correct answer per question. quiz 2.0.0rc4 you_need_to_add_a_minimum_of_min_and_a_maximum_of_max_questions_per_quiz_you_submitted_total 1255181354 You need to add a minimum of {min} and a maximum of {max} questions per quiz. You submitted {total}. quiz 2.0.0rc4 you_need_to_add_a_minimum_of_2_answers_in_each_question 1255181393 You need to add a minimum of 2 answers in each question. quiz 2.0.0rc4 not_answered 1255181413 Not answered quiz 2.0.0rc4 you_have_reached_the_maximum_questions_allowed_per_quiz 1255181465 You have reached the maximum questions allowed per quiz. quiz 2.0.0rc4 you_are_required_a_minimum_of_total_questions 1255181503 You are required a minimum of {total} questions. quiz 2.0.0rc4 you_have_reached_the_maximum_answers_allowed_per_question 1255181539 You have reached the maximum answers allowed per question. quiz 2.0.0rc4 you_are_required_a_minimum_of_total_answers_per_question 1255181567 You are required a minimum of {total} answers per question. quiz 2.0.0rc4 are_you_sure 1255181599 Are you sure? quiz 2.0.0rc4 delete 1255181638 Delete quiz 2.0.0rc4 are_you_sure_you_want_to_delete_this_quiz 1255181693 Are you sure you want to delete this quiz? quiz 2.0.0rc4 quiz_created_on_time_stamp_by_user_info 1255328471 Quiz created on {time_stamp} by {user_info}. quiz 2.0.0rc4 quiz_created_on_time_stamp 1255328503 Quiz created on {time_stamp}. quiz 2.0.0rc4 this_quiz_is_awaiting_moderation 1255328532 This quiz is awaiting moderation. quiz 2.0.0rc4 view 1255328556 View quiz 2.0.0rc4 be_the_first_to_answer_this_quiz 1255328565 Be the first to answer this quiz quiz 2.0.0rc4 submit_your_answers 1255328586 Submit Your Answers quiz 2.0.0rc4 approve 1255328597 Approve quiz 2.0.0rc4 results 1255328626 Results quiz 2.0.0rc4 take 1255328638 Take quiz 2.0.0rc4 edit 1255328646 Edit quiz 2.0.0rc4 question 1255328675 Question quiz 2.0.0rc4 quiz_results_percentage_100 1255328797 Quiz Results ({percentage}/100) quiz 2.0.0rc4 quiz_results_for_full_name_percentage_100 1255328863 Quiz Results for {full_name} ({percentage}/100) quiz 2.0.0rc4 full_name_s_answer 1255328904 quiz 2.0.0rc4 correct_answer 1255328920 Correct Answer quiz 2.0.0rc4 title 1255328972 Title quiz 2.0.0rc4 description 1255328983 Description quiz 2.0.0rc4 255_character_limit 1255328992 255 character limit. quiz 2.0.0rc4 quiz_questions 1255329004 Quiz Questions quiz 2.0.0rc4 submit 1255329019 Submit quiz 2.0.0rc4 add_another_question 1255329025 Add Another Question quiz 2.0.0rc4 additional_options 1255329033 Additional Options quiz 2.0.0rc4 image 1255329040 Image quiz 2.0.0rc4 click_here_to_delete_this_image_and_upload_a_new_one_in_its_place 1255329061 Click here to delete this image and upload a new one in its place. quiz 2.0.0rc4 you_can_upload_a_jpg_gif_or_png_file 1255329078 You can upload a JPG, GIF or PNG file. quiz 2.0.0rc4 comments 1255329084 Comments quiz 2.0.0rc4 allow_comments 1255329093 Allow Comments quiz 2.0.0rc4 moderate_comments_first 1255329102 Moderate Comments First quiz 2.0.0rc4 no_comments 1255329109 No Comments quiz 2.0.0rc4 privacy 1255329116 Privacy quiz 2.0.0rc4 public_quiz_will_be_added_to_our_public_quiz_section 1255329126 Public (quiz will be added to our public quiz section) quiz 2.0.0rc4 personal_quiz_will_only_be_displayed_on_your_profile 1255329135 Personal (quiz will only be displayed on your profile) quiz 2.0.0rc4 friends_only_friends_can_view_this_quiz 1255329144 Friends (Only friends can view this quiz) quiz 2.0.0rc4 preferred_list_only_the_people_you_select_will_be_able_to_see_the_quiz 1255329156 Preferred list (only the people you select will be able to see the quiz) quiz 2.0.0rc4 you_have_not_added_any_quizzes 1255329188 You have not added any quizzes. quiz 2.0.0rc4 no_quizzes_have_been_added_yet 1255329194 No quizzes have been added yet. quiz 2.0.0rc4 add_your_quizzes_here 1255329203 Add your quizzes here. quiz 2.0.0rc4 be_the_first_to_add_a_quiz 1255329212 Be the first to add a quiz quiz 2.0.0rc4 the_link_that_brought_you_here_is_wrong 1255329224 The link that brought you here is wrong. quiz 2.0.0rc4 click_here_to_get_the_quiz_from_the_real_owner 1255329232 Click here to get the quiz from the real owner. quiz 2.0.0rc4 unable_to_load_rating_callback 1255329272 Unable to load rating callback. quiz 2.0.0rc4 not_a_valid_post 1255329293 Not a valid POST. add.html.php index.html.php profile.html.php view.html.php entry.html.php question.html.php result.html.php stat.html.php add.css