rss 2.0.0rc4 subscribers 1255330863 Subscribers rss 2.0.0rc4 other 1255330878 Other rss 2.0.0rc4 group_successfully_updated 1255330910 Group successfully updated. rss 2.0.0rc4 group_successfully_added 1255330918 Group successfully added. rss 2.0.0rc4 add_new_group 1255330926 Add New Group rss 2.0.0rc4 manage_groups 1255330935 Manage Groups rss 2.0.0rc4 group_successfully_deleted 1255330945 Group successfully deleted. rss 2.0.0rc4 feed_successfully_updated 1255330969 Feed successfully updated. rss 2.0.0rc4 feed_successfully_added 1255330977 Feed successfully added. rss 2.0.0rc4 editing_feed 1255331032 Editing Feed rss 2.0.0rc4 add_new_feed 1255331093 Add New Feed rss 2.0.0rc4 manage_feeds 1255331206 Manage Feeds rss 2.0.0rc4 feed_successfully_deleted 1255331223 Feed successfully deleted. rss 2.0.0rc4 unable_to_find_rss_log 1255331249 Unable to find RSS log. rss 2.0.0rc4 viewing_rss_feed_log 1255331261 Viewing RSS Feed Log rss 2.0.0rc4 rss_feed_log 1255331280 RSS Feed Log rss 2.0.0rc4 rss_feeds 1255331339 RSS Feeds rss 2.0.0rc4 rss_logs 1255331387 RSS Logs rss 2.0.0rc4 log 1255331407 Log rss 2.0.0rc4 user_has_disabled_rss_feeds 1255331450 User has disabled RSS feeds. rss 2.0.0rc4 unable_to_find_the_group_you_are_planning_to_edit 1255331854 Unable to find the group you are planning to edit. rss 2.0.0rc4 select_a_product 1255331873 Select a product. rss 2.0.0rc4 select_a_module 1255331895 Select a module. rss 2.0.0rc4 at_least_one_name_for_the_group_is_required 1255331910 At least one name for the group is required. rss 2.0.0rc4 select_if_the_group_is_active_or_not 1255331919 Select if the group is active or not. rss 2.0.0rc4 not_a_valid_request 1255331946 Not a valid request. rss 2.0.0rc4 the_group_you_are_looking_for_cannot_be_found 1255331961 The group you are looking for cannot be found. rss 2.0.0rc4 unable_to_find_the_feed_you_are_looking_for 1255331975 Unable to find the feed you are looking for. rss 2.0.0rc4 display_rss_count 1255331994 Display RSS Count rss 2.0.0rc4 rss_subscribtion 1255332001 RSS Subscribtion rss 2.0.0rc4 select_a_group_for_this_feed 1255333371 Select a group for this feed. rss 2.0.0rc4 at_least_one_title_for_the_feed_is_required 1255333379 At least one title for the feed is required. rss 2.0.0rc4 at_least_one_description_for_the_feed_is_required 1255333387 At least one description for the feed is required. rss 2.0.0rc4 provide_a_link_for_the_feed 1255333396 Provide a link for the feed. rss 2.0.0rc4 provide_proper_php_code 1255333407 Provide proper PHP code. rss 2.0.0rc4 php_code_for_the_feed_is_required 1255333421 PHP code for the feed is required. rss 2.0.0rc4 select_if_the_feed_can_be_seen_site_wide 1255333897 Select if the feed can be seen site wide. rss 2.0.0rc4 select_if_the_feed_is_active_or_not 1255333911 Select if the feed is active or not. rss 2.0.0rc4 the_feed_you_are_looking_for_cannot_be_found 1255333928 The feed you are looking for cannot be found. rss 2.0.0rc4 unable_to_find_the_feed_you_are_planning_to_edit 1255333957 Unable to find the feed you are planning to edit. rss 2.0.0rc4 latest_updates_from_full_name 1255333977 Latest updates from {full_name} rss 2.0.0rc4 unable_to_find_rss_feed 1255333997 Unable to find RSS feed. rss 2.0.0rc4 not_a_valid_rss_feed_php_code_failed 1255334006 Not a valid RSS feed (PHP code failed). rss 2.0.0rc4 rss_feed_url 1255334039 RSS Feed URL rss 2.0.0rc4 feed_readers_aggregators_and_web_browsers 1255334052 Feed Readers, Aggregators and Web Browsers rss 2.0.0rc4 reader 1255334059 Reader rss 2.0.0rc4 ip_address 1255334092 IP Address rss 2.0.0rc4 date 1255334104 Date rss 2.0.0rc4 no_subscribers_found 1255334163 No subscribers found. rss 2.0.0rc4 group_details 1255334178 Group Details rss 2.0.0rc4 name 1255334185 Name rss 2.0.0rc4 is_active 1255334194 Is Active rss 2.0.0rc4 yes 1255334200 Yes rss 2.0.0rc4 no 1255334205 No rss 2.0.0rc4 submit 1255334212 Submit rss 2.0.0rc4 groups 1255334235 Groups rss 2.0.0rc4 title 1255334241 Title rss 2.0.0rc4 active 1255334247 Active rss 2.0.0rc4 edit_group 1255334257 Edit Group rss 2.0.0rc4 delete_group 1255334263 Delete Group rss 2.0.0rc4 are_you_sure 1255334269 Are you sure? rss 2.0.0rc4 deactivate 1255334278 Deactivate rss 2.0.0rc4 activate 1255334284 Activate rss 2.0.0rc4 feed_details 1255334332 Feed Details rss 2.0.0rc4 group 1255334338 Group rss 2.0.0rc4 select 1255334346 Select rss 2.0.0rc4 description 1255334359 Description rss 2.0.0rc4 link 1255334365 Link rss 2.0.0rc4 php_group_code 1255334373 PHP Group Code rss 2.0.0rc4 php_view_code 1255334383 PHP View Code rss 2.0.0rc4 site_wide 1255334390 Site Wide rss 2.0.0rc4 feeds 1255334425 Feeds rss 2.0.0rc4 edit_feed 1255334461 Edit Feed rss 2.0.0rc4 delete_feed 1255334468 Delete Feed rss 2.0.0rc4 disable 1255334483 Disable rss 2.0.0rc4 enable 1255334488 Enable rss 2.0.0rc4 no_rss_feeds_are_available 1255334514 No RSS feeds are available. rss 2.0.0rc4 results_for 1255334544 Results for rss 2.0.0rc4 search_results 1255334594 Search Results rss 2.0.0rc4 search 1255334601 Search rss 2.0.0rc4 showing_1_result 1255334626 Showing 1 result. rss 2.0.0rc4 showing_total_results 1255334634 Showing {total} results. rss 2.0.0rc4 showing_count_results_out_of_over_result 1255334656 Showing {count} results out of over {result}. rss 2.0.0rc4 all_results_total 1255334685 All Results ({total}) rss 2.0.0rc4 no_search_results_found 1255334708 No search results found. index.html.php log.html.php profile.html.php info.html.php log.html.php