shoutbox phpfox 0 1 0 module_shoutbox 0 5 4 5 M j, g:i a 25 100 <![CDATA[{phrase var='shoutbox.shoutbox'}]]> Shoutbox clear(Phpfox::getParam('shoutbox.shoutbox_total')); ]]> Shoutbox Live ShoutboxSet to True if you would like your shoutbox to be live. If it is set to True your shoutbox will automatically refresh without the need for your members to refresh the page manually in order to view new shoutouts. Notice: Not all servers can handle such a feature so use with caution.]]> Shoutbox Flood Limit (Seconds)Define the flood limit in seconds.]]> Shoutbox Refresh (Seconds)Define in seconds when the shoutbox should refresh and get new shoutouts. Notice: The setting shoutbox_flood_limit must set to True in order for this setting to function.]]> Display LimitSelect how many shoutouts we should display in the shoutbox.]]> Time StampControl the time stamps displayed on each of the shoutouts.]]> Can view the shoutbox? Can post a shoutout? WordwrapDefine a text wordwrap. The integer defined will be used to wrap long phrases so it does not stretch the shoutbox. Notice: The shoutbox using a default theme outputs shoutouts within a HTML DIV that allows long phrases within the DIV without stretching the entire site.]]> Shoutouts To SaveSelect the amount of shoutouts we should save. Once a shoutout has passed this limit it is removed from our history to keep the shoutbox working as fast as possible.]]> Please wait {limit} seconds before adding a new shoutout. Only members of this group can leave a message. Shoutbox View Shoutbox Adding your shoutout Can delete all shoutbox messages? Delete this shoutout. Are you sure? Enter a shoutout. Can view/post in shoutbox? can_view_shoutbox can_add_shoutout can_delete_all_shoutbox_messages