user 0 drop user_browse_default_result setting_user_browse_default_result 1 2.0.0rc12 user 0 boolean remove_users_hidden_age setting_remove_users_hidden_age 1 2.0.0rc12 0 registration user 0 drop on_register_privacy_setting setting_on_register_privacy_setting 4 2.0.0rc12 user 2.0.0rc12 a_href_user_link_full_name_a_liked_that_they_joined_the_community 1260446167 {full_name} liked that they joined the community.]]> user 2.0.0rc12 a_href_user_link_full_name_a_liked_that_a_href_view_user_link_view_full_name_a_a_href_link_joined_a_the_community 1260446507 {full_name} liked that {view_full_name} joined the community.]]> user 2.0.0rc12 a_href_user_link_full_name_a_liked_that_you_joined_the_community 1260460353 {full_name} liked that you joined the community.]]> user 2.0.0rc12 a_href_user_link_full_name_a_likes_your_a_href_link_status_a 1260475316 {full_name} likes your status.]]> user 2.0.0rc12 a_href_user_link_full_name_a_likes_their_own_a_href_link_status_a 1260476016 {full_name} likes {gender} own status.]]> user 2.0.0rc12 a_href_user_link_full_name_a_likes_a_href_view_user_link_view_full_name_a_s_a_href_link_status_a 1260476034 {full_name} likes {view_full_name}'s status.]]> user 2.0.0rc12 a_href_user_link_full_name_a_likes_your_profile_a_href_link_photo_a 1260479272 {full_name} likes your profile photo.]]> user 2.0.0rc12 a_href_user_link_full_name_a_likes_their_own_profile_a_href_link_photo_a 1260479341 {full_name} likes {gender} own profile photo.]]> user 2.0.0rc12 a_href_user_link_full_name_a_likes_a_href_view_user_link_view_full_name_a_s_profile_a_href_link_photo_a 1260479374 {full_name} likes {view_full_name}'s profile photo.]]> user 2.0.0rc12 a_href_user_link_full_name_a_likes_their_own_a_href_link_comment_a 1260483339 {full_name} likes {gender} own comment.]]> user 2.0.0rc12 no_featured_members 1260813540 No featured members. user 2.0.0rc12 there_are_no_members_online 1260813553 There are no members online. user 2.0.0rc12 setting_user_browse_default_result 1260819672 Browsing Users Default OrderSelect full_name to order members based on their full name in ascending order. Select last_login to order members based on their last activity, where the latest person to be active on the site is first.]]> user 2.0.0rc12 user_setting_can_edit_user_group_membership 1260825005 user 2.0.0rc12 setting_remove_users_hidden_age 1260827335 User Age Privacy on Browse SectionEnable this option to remove users that have hidden their age from the browse section.]]> user 2.0.0rc12 setting_on_register_privacy_setting 1260914895 User Default Privacy Setting on RegistrationWith this setting you can control the default privacy setting for a user when they register. This will control how others view their profile. anyone = Anyone can view their profile. network = Only members of the site can view their profile. friends_only = Only their friends can view their profile. no_one = Nobody can view their profile.]]> user 2.0.0rc12 browse_filter_submit 1260981597 Submit 0 user boolean 1 0 0 0 user 0 can_edit_user_group_membership register.html.php browse.html.php filter.html.php