user 2.0.0rc4 your_password_has_been_sent_to_your_email 1255346076 Your password has been sent to your email. user 2.0.0rc4 we_found_a_problem_with_your_request_please_try_again 1255346107 We found a problem with your request, please try again. user 2.0.0rc4 you_cannot_rate_your_own_profile 1255346129 You cannot rate your own profile. user 2.0.0rc4 this_username_is_available 1255346146 This username is available. user 2.0.0rc4 user_successfully_blocked 1255346166 User successfully blocked. user 2.0.0rc4 user_successfully_unblocked 1255346175 User successfully unblocked. user 2.0.0rc4 unfeature_user 1255346187 Unfeature User user 2.0.0rc4 feature_user 1255346203 Feature User user 2.0.0rc4 an_error_occured_and_this_operation_was_not_completed 1255346213 An error occured and this operation was not completed. user 2.0.0rc4 an_error_occured_and_this_user_could_not_be_verified 1255346223 An error occured and this user could not be verified. user 2.0.0rc4 an_error_occured_and_the_email_could_not_be_sent 1255346241 An error occured and the email could not be sent. user 2.0.0rc4 profile_photo_successfully_uploaded 1255346279 Profile photo successfully uploaded. user 2.0.0rc4 done 1255346288 Done! user 2.0.0rc4 un_ban_user 1255346306 Un-Ban User user 2.0.0rc4 ban_user 1255346312 Ban User user 2.0.0rc4 unable_to_find_this_member 1255346340 Unable to find this member. user 2.0.0rc4 unable_to_block_this_user 1255346349 Unable to block this user. user 2.0.0rc4 view_all 1255346369 View All user 2.0.0rc4 featured_members 1255346377 Featured Members user 2.0.0rc4 set_browse_criteria 1255346405 Set Browse Criteria user 2.0.0rc4 basic 1255346411 Basic user 2.0.0rc4 advanced 1255346417 Advanced user 2.0.0rc4 option_updated_successfully 1255346509 Option updated successfully. user 2.0.0rc4 option_added_successfully 1255346516 Option added successfully. user 2.0.0rc4 item_not_found 1255346524 Item not found. user 2.0.0rc4 add_cancellation_options 1255346532 Add Cancellation Options user 2.0.0rc4 view_feedback_on_cancellations 1255346545 View Feedback On Cancellations user 2.0.0rc4 option_deleted_successfully 1255346558 Option deleted successfully. user 2.0.0rc4 manage_cancellation_options 1255346573 Manage Cancellation Options user 2.0.0rc4 user_groups 1255346596 User Groups user 2.0.0rc4 manage_settings 1255346613 Manage Settings user 2.0.0rc4 user_group_successfully_added 1255346624 User group successfully added. user 2.0.0rc4 create_new_user_group 1255346647 Create New User Group user 2.0.0rc4 successfully_deleted_user_group 1255346670 Successfully deleted user group. user 2.0.0rc4 unable_to_find_the_user_group_you_want_to_delete 1255346678 Unable to find the user group you want to delete. user 2.0.0rc4 not_allowed_to_delete_this_user_group 1255346686 Not allowed to delete this user group. user 2.0.0rc4 delete_user_group 1255346693 Delete User Group user 2.0.0rc4 user_successfully_updated 1255346774 User successfully updated. user 2.0.0rc4 basic_information 1255346782 Basic Information user 2.0.0rc4 display_name 1255346790 Display Name user 2.0.0rc4 user_group 1255346823 User Group user 2.0.0rc4 location 1255346829 Location user 2.0.0rc4 city 1255346835 City user 2.0.0rc4 zip_postal_code 1255346841 ZIP/Postal Code user 2.0.0rc4 gender 1255346847 Gender user 2.0.0rc4 date_of_birth 1255346856 Date of Birth user 2.0.0rc4 time_zone 1255346863 Time Zone user 2.0.0rc4 status 1255346869 Status user 2.0.0rc4 spam_count 1255346876 SPAM Count user 2.0.0rc4 editing_member 1255346886 Editing Member user 2.0.0rc4 browse_members 1255346893 Browse Members user 2.0.0rc4 add_new_member 1255346903 Add New Member user 2.0.0rc4 password_request_successfully_sent_check_your_email_to_verify_your_request 1255346930 Password request successfully sent. Check your email to verify your request. user 2.0.0rc4 password_request 1255346939 Password Request user 2.0.0rc4 new_password_successfully_sent_check_your_email_to_use_your_new_password 1255346980 New password successfully sent. Check your email to use your new password. user 2.0.0rc4 password_request_verification 1255346988 Password Request Verification user 2.0.0rc4 members_section_is_closed 1255347016 Members section is closed. user 2.0.0rc4 joined 1255347023 Joined user 2.0.0rc4 last_login 1255347030 Last Login user 2.0.0rc4 email_name 1255347041 user 2.0.0rc4 name 1255347054 Name user 2.0.0rc4 men 1255347063 Men user 2.0.0rc4 women 1255347069 Women user 2.0.0rc4 both 1255347076 Both user 2.0.0rc4 all_members 1255347085 All Members user 2.0.0rc4 online 1255347097 Online user 2.0.0rc4 pending_verification_members 1255347106 Pending Verification Members user 2.0.0rc4 name_and_photo_only 1255347114 Name and Photo Only user 2.0.0rc4 name_photo_and_users_details 1255347122 Name, Photo and Users Details user 2.0.0rc4 you_still_need_to_verify_your_email_address 1255347174 You still need to verify your email address. user 2.0.0rc4 logout 1255347189 Logout user 2.0.0rc4 lost_password 1255347198 Lost Password user 2.0.0rc4 upload_profile_picture 1255347236 Upload Profile Picture user 2.0.0rc4 edit_profile_picture 1255347246 Edit Profile Picture user 2.0.0rc4 privacy_settings_have_been_disabled_for_your_user_group 1255347263 Privacy settings have been disabled for your user group. user 2.0.0rc4 privacy_settings_successfully_updated 1255347271 Privacy settings successfully updated. user 2.0.0rc4 privacy_settings 1255347278 Privacy Settings user 2.0.0rc4 successfully_updated_full_name_profile 1255347302 Successfully updated {full_name} profile. user 2.0.0rc4 edit_profile 1255347324 Edit Profile user 2.0.0rc4 cancel_account 1255347356 Cancel Account user 2.0.0rc4 unable_to_edit_this_account 1255347370 Unable to edit this account. user 2.0.0rc4 select_current_location 1255347378 Select current location. user 2.0.0rc4 select_your_gender 1255347385 Select your gender. user 2.0.0rc4 select_month_of_birth 1255347392 Select month of birth. user 2.0.0rc4 select_day_of_birth 1255347399 Select day of birth. user 2.0.0rc4 select_year_of_birth 1255347406 Select year of birth. user 2.0.0rc4 zip_postal_code_is_invalid 1255347414 ZIP/Postal code is invalid. user 2.0.0rc4 provide_your_full_name 1255347423 Provide your full name. user 2.0.0rc4 provide_a_user_name 1255347430 Provide a user name. user 2.0.0rc4 account_settings_updated 1255347439 Account settings updated. user 2.0.0rc4 account_settings_updated_your_new_mail_address_requires_verification_and_an_email_has_been_sent_until_then_your_email_remains_the_same 1255347448 Account settings updated. Your new mail address requires verification and an email has been sent. Until then your email remains the same. user 2.0.0rc4 email_updated_you_need_to_verify_your_new_email_address_before_logging_in 1255347456 Email updated. You need to verify your new email address before logging in. user 2.0.0rc4 account_settings 1255347468 Account Settings user 2.0.0rc4 full_name 1255347477 Full Name user 2.0.0rc4 your_email_has_been_verified_please_log_in_with_the_information_you_provided_during_sign_up 1255347489 Your email has been verified, please log in with the information you provided during sign up. user 2.0.0rc4 invalid_verification_link 1255347519 Invalid verification link. user 2.0.0rc4 not_able_to_block_yourself 1255347588 Not able to block yourself. user 2.0.0rc4 you_have_already_blocked_this_user 1255347597 You have already blocked this user. user 2.0.0rc4 select_a_product 1255347628 Select a product. user 2.0.0rc4 select_a_module 1255347636 Select a module. user 2.0.0rc4 you_need_to_add_a_message_to_show 1255347643 You need to add a message to show. user 2.0.0rc4 select_if_the_cancellation_option_is_active_or_not 1255347651 Select if the cancellation option is active or not. user 2.0.0rc4 please_enter_your_password 1255347663 Please enter your password. user 2.0.0rc4 you_are_not_allowed_to_delete_your_own_account 1255347672 You are not allowed to delete your own account. user 2.0.0rc4 your_account_has_been_deleted 1255347685 Your account has been deleted. user 2.0.0rc4 not_a_valid_request 1255347704 Not a valid request. user 2.0.0rc4 provide_a_name_for_the_user_group 1255347780 Provide a name for the user group. user 2.0.0rc4 select_an_inherit_user_group 1255347788 Select an inherit user group. user 2.0.0rc4 email_verification_on_site_title 1255347882 Email Verification On {site_title} user 2.0.0rc4 you_registered_an_account_on_site_title_before 1255347957 {link}]]> user 2.0.0rc4 email_does_not_match_the_one_that_is_currently_in_use 1255348015 Email does not match the one that is currently in use. user 2.0.0rc4 you_need_to_verify_your_email_address_before_logging_in 1255348029 You need to verify your email address before logging in. user 2.0.0rc4 you_do_not_have_permission_to_modify_this_item 1255348044 You do not have permission to modify this item. user 2.0.0rc4 members 1255348095 Members user 2.0.0rc4 view_more_members 1255348104 View More Members user 2.0.0rc4 a_href_link_member_a_joined_joined 1255348147 Member joined {joined}.]]> user 2.0.0rc4 a_href_link_full_name_a_updated_their_profile_picture 1255348200 {full_name} updated their profile picture.]]> user 2.0.0rc4 a_href_link_full_name_a_joined_the_community 1255348257 {full_name} joined the community.]]> user 2.0.0rc4 users_profile_main_section 1255348288 Users Profile - Main Section user 2.0.0rc4 users_profile_basic_information 1255348295 Users Profile - Basic Information user 2.0.0rc4 users_profile_side_panel 1255348303 Users Profile - Side Panel user 2.0.0rc4 users_profile 1255348313 Users Profile user 2.0.0rc4 account_info 1255348327 Account Info user 2.0.0rc4 activity 1255348333 Activity user 2.0.0rc4 users 1255348364 Users user 2.0.0rc4 user_activity 1255348378 User Activity user 2.0.0rc4 time_stamp 1255348396 Time Stamp user 2.0.0rc4 not_a_valid_email 1255348410 Not a valid email. user 2.0.0rc4 password_request_for_site_title 1255348422 Password request for {site_title} user 2.0.0rc4 you_have_requested_for_us_to_send_you_a_new_password_for_site_title 1255348468 {link}]]> user 2.0.0rc4 not_a_valid_password_request 1255348509 Not a valid password request. user 2.0.0rc4 password_request_id_does_not_match 1255348517 Password request ID does not match. user 2.0.0rc4 new_password_for_site_title 1255348541 New password for {site_title} user 2.0.0rc4 you_have_requested_for_us_to_send_you_a_new_password_for_site_title_with_password 1255348604 {link}]]> user 2.0.0rc4 the_field_field_is_required 1255348655 The field `{field}` is required. user 2.0.0rc4 not_a_valid_name 1255348671 Not a valid name. user 2.0.0rc4 select_a_membership_package 1255348680 Select a membership package. user 2.0.0rc4 please_verify_your_email_for_site_title 1255348711 Please verify your email for: {site_title} user 2.0.0rc4 you_registered_an_account_on_site_title_before_being_able_to_use_your_account_you_need_to_verify_that_this_is_your_email_address_by_clicking_here_a_href_link_link_a 1255348750 {link}]]> user 2.0.0rc4 not_a_valid_city 1255348792 Not a valid city. user 2.0.0rc4 this_display_name_is_not_allowed_to_be_used 1255348815 This display name is not allowed to be used. user 2.0.0rc4 add_some_text_to_share 1255348834 Add some text to share. user 2.0.0rc4 fill_in_a_display_name 1255348849 Fill in a display name. user 2.0.0rc4 select_a_user_group_for_this_user 1255348857 Select a user group for this user. user 2.0.0rc4 select_a_location 1255348865 Select a location. user 2.0.0rc4 select_a_gender 1255348872 Select a gender. user 2.0.0rc4 select_a_date_of_birth 1255348880 Select a date of birth. user 2.0.0rc4 username_is_required_and_can_only_contain_alphanumeric_characters_and_or_and_must_be_between_5_and_25_characters_long 1255348890 Username is required and can only contain alphanumeric characters and _ or - and must be between 5 and 25 characters long. user 2.0.0rc4 provide_a_valid_email 1255348903 Provide a valid email. user 2.0.0rc4 missing_old_password 1255348917 Missing old password. user 2.0.0rc4 missing_new_password 1255348924 Missing new password. user 2.0.0rc4 your_current_password_does_not_match_your_old_password 1255348932 Your current password does not match your old password. user 2.0.0rc4 you_should_not_ban_yourself 1255348944 You should not ban yourself. user 2.0.0rc4 provide_a_valid_password 1255348967 Provide a valid password. user 2.0.0rc4 check_our_agreement_in_order_to_join_our_site 1255348975 Check our agreement in order to join our site. user 2.0.0rc4 provide_a_valid_user_name 1255348982 Provide a valid user name. user 2.0.0rc4 unable_to_upload_you_have_reached_your_limit_of_current_you_are_currently_using_total 1255349057 Unable to upload. You have reached your limit of {current}. You are currently using {total}. user 2.0.0rc4 unable_to_upload_you_have_reached_your_limit_of_limit_with_this_upload_you_will_be_using_total 1255349126 Unable to upload. You have reached your limit of {limit}. With this upload you will be using {total}. user 2.0.0rc4 unable_to_find_the_user_you_plan_to_edit 1255349166 Unable to find the user you plan to edit. user 2.0.0rc4 user_name_is_already_in_use 1255349204 User name is already in use. user 2.0.0rc4 this_username_is_not_allowed_to_be_used 1255349213 This username is not allowed to be used. user 2.0.0rc4 email_is_invalid_and_cannot_be_used 1255349222 Email is invalid and cannot be used. user 2.0.0rc4 this_email_is_not_allowed_to_be_used 1255349229 This email is not allowed to be used. user 2.0.0rc4 loading_custom_fields 1255349270 Loading custom fields user 2.0.0rc4 continue 1255349314 Continue user 2.0.0rc4 you_are_about_to_delete 1255349645 You are about to delete... user 2.0.0rc4 total_activity 1255349689 Total Activity user 2.0.0rc4 are_you_completely_sure_you_want_to_delete_this_user 1255349704 Are you completely sure you want to delete this user? user 2.0.0rc4 no_cancel 1255349713 No, Cancel user 2.0.0rc4 yes_delete 1255349719 Yes, Delete user 2.0.0rc4 html_prefix 1255349733 HTML Prefix user 2.0.0rc4 html_suffix 1255349741 HTML Suffix user 2.0.0rc4 cancel 1255349841 cancel user 2.0.0rc4 you_can_upload_a_jpg_gif_or_png_file 1255349851 You can upload a JPG, GIF or PNG file. user 2.0.0rc4 the_advised_width_height_is_20_pixels 1255349861 The advised width/height is 20 pixels. user 2.0.0rc4 yes 1255349896 Yes user 2.0.0rc4 no 1255349905 No user 2.0.0rc4 choose_a_username 1255349927 Choose a Username user 2.0.0rc4 your_username_is_used_to_easily_connect_to_your_profile 1255349938 Your username is used to easily connect to your profile. user 2.0.0rc4 check_availability 1255349950 Check Availability user 2.0.0rc4 email_address 1255349958 Email Address user 2.0.0rc4 membership 1255350061 Membership user 2.0.0rc4 select 1255350068 Select user 2.0.0rc4 free_normal 1255350074 (Free) Normal user 2.0.0rc4 membership_upgrades 1255350091 Membership Upgrades user 2.0.0rc4 click_here_to_learn_more_about_our_membership_upgrades 1255350114 Click here to learn more about our membership upgrades. user 2.0.0rc4 would_you_like_to_unblock_user_info 1255350478 Would you like to unblock {user_info}? user 2.0.0rc4 yes_unblock_this_user 1255350492 Yes, unblock this user. user 2.0.0rc4 no_do_not_unblock_this_user 1255350499 No, do not unblock this user. user 2.0.0rc4 are_you_sure_you_want_to_block_user_info 1255350513 Are you sure you want to block {user_info}? user 2.0.0rc4 yes_block_this_user 1255350542 Yes, block this user. user 2.0.0rc4 no_do_not_block_this_user 1255350550 No, do not block this user. user 2.0.0rc4 search_by_email_full_name_or_user_name 1255350564 Search by email, full name or user name. user 2.0.0rc4 loading 1255350587 Loading user 2.0.0rc4 sorry_no_users_were_found 1255350630 Sorry, no users were found. user 2.0.0rc4 use_selected 1255350638 Use Selected user 2.0.0rc4 cancel_uppercase 1255350654 Cancel user 2.0.0rc4 browse_for 1255350679 Browse For user 2.0.0rc4 between_ages 1255350686 Between Ages user 2.0.0rc4 located_within 1255350702 Located Within user 2.0.0rc4 keywords 1255350723 Keywords user 2.0.0rc4 within 1255350730 within user 2.0.0rc4 any 1255350747 Any user 2.0.0rc4 display_results_by 1255350759 Display Results By user 2.0.0rc4 sort_results_by 1255350765 Sort Results By user 2.0.0rc4 update 1255350772 Update user 2.0.0rc4 reset 1255350778 Reset user 2.0.0rc4 view_more 1255350805 View More user 2.0.0rc4 old_password 1255350815 Old Password user 2.0.0rc4 new_password 1255350820 New Password user 2.0.0rc4 select_an_image 1255350839 Select an Image user 2.0.0rc4 file 1255350845 File user 2.0.0rc4 upload_picture 1255350860 Upload Picture user 2.0.0rc4 anyone 1255350875 Anyone user 2.0.0rc4 network 1255350881 Network user 2.0.0rc4 friends_only 1255350888 Friends Only user 2.0.0rc4 no_one 1255350894 No One user 2.0.0rc4 go_advanced 1255350950 go advanced user 2.0.0rc4 username_is_not_available_here_are_other_suggestions_you_may_like 1255350959 Username is not available, here are other suggestions you may like. user 2.0.0rc4 click_to_change_your_status 1255350982 Click to change your status. user 2.0.0rc4 none 1255351003 (none) user 2.0.0rc4 a_href_onclick_js_user_status_form_ajaxcall_user_updatestatus_return_false_save_a_or_a_href_class_js_update_status_cancel_a 1255351064 save or cancel]]> user 2.0.0rc4 add_new_option 1255351089 Add New Option user 2.0.0rc4 cancellation_reason 1255351098 Cancellation Reason user 2.0.0rc4 is_active 1255351109 Is Active user 2.0.0rc4 submit 1255351131 Submit user 2.0.0rc4 e_mail 1255351154 E-Mail user 2.0.0rc4 reasons_given 1255351167 Reasons Given user 2.0.0rc4 feedback_text 1255351173 Feedback Text user 2.0.0rc4 deleted_on 1255351179 Deleted On user 2.0.0rc4 delete_feedback 1255351194 Delete Feedback user 2.0.0rc4 no_feedback_to_review 1255351204 No feedback to review user 2.0.0rc4 active 1255351222 Active user 2.0.0rc4 manage 1255351229 Manage user 2.0.0rc4 edit_reason 1255351236 Edit Reason user 2.0.0rc4 delete_reason 1255351242 Delete Reason user 2.0.0rc4 deactivate 1255351250 Deactivate user 2.0.0rc4 activate 1255351255 Activate user 2.0.0rc4 there_are_no_options_available 1255351286 There are no options available. user 2.0.0rc4 click_here_to_add 1255351293 Click here to add. user 2.0.0rc4 user_group_details 1255351302 User Group Details user 2.0.0rc4 inherit 1255351307 Inherit user 2.0.0rc4 add_user_group 1255351316 Add User Group user 2.0.0rc4 saving 1255351336 Saving user 2.0.0rc4 module_settings 1255351345 Module Settings user 2.0.0rc4 save 1255351360 Save user 2.0.0rc4 are_you_sure_you_want_to_delete_the_user_group_title 1255351390 user 2.0.0rc4 b_notice_b_this_cannot_be_undone 1255351405 Notice: This cannot be undone.]]> user 2.0.0rc4 b_yes_b_i_am_sure_move_any_members_that_belong_to_the_user_group_title_to 1255351482 Yes, I am sure. Move any members that belong to the user group "{title}" to]]> user 2.0.0rc4 delete_this_user_group 1255351495 Delete this User Group user 2.0.0rc4 no_thanks_get_me_out_of_here 1255351502 No thanks, get me out of here. user 2.0.0rc4 edit_user_group 1255351676 Edit User Group user 2.0.0rc4 custom_user_groups 1255351684 Custom User Groups user 2.0.0rc4 are_you_sure 1255351719 Are you sure? user 2.0.0rc4 delete 1255351726 Delete user 2.0.0rc4 n_a 1255351737 N/A user 2.0.0rc4 php 1255351754 PHP user 2.0.0rc4 check_the_box_to_confirm_that_you_want_to_edit_this_field 1255351792 Check the box to confirm that you want to edit this field. user 2.0.0rc4 profile_picture 1255351809 Profile Picture user 2.0.0rc4 photo 1255351814 Photo user 2.0.0rc4 change_this_photo 1255351877 Change This Photo user 2.0.0rc4 profile_privacy 1255351942 Profile Privacy user 2.0.0rc4 notification 1255351949 Notification user 2.0.0rc4 custom_fields 1255351955 Custom Fields user 2.0.0rc4 request_new_password 1255351990 Request New Password user 2.0.0rc4 member_search 1255352000 Member Search user 2.0.0rc4 search 1255352006 Search user 2.0.0rc4 age_group 1255352048 Age Group user 2.0.0rc4 show_members 1255352055 Show Members user 2.0.0rc4 group 1255352125 Group user 2.0.0rc4 last_activity 1255352137 Last Activity user 2.0.0rc4 resend_verification_mail 1255352186 Resend Verification Mail user 2.0.0rc4 verify_this_user 1255352197 Verify this user user 2.0.0rc4 delete_user 1255352225 Delete User user 2.0.0rc4 verify 1255352242 (Verify) user 2.0.0rc4 view_all_the_activity_from_this_ip 1255352316 View all the activity from this IP. user 2.0.0rc4 birthday 1255352341 Birthday user 2.0.0rc4 age 1255352346 Age user 2.0.0rc4 view_profile 1255352373 View Profile user 2.0.0rc4 send_message 1255352380 Send Message user 2.0.0rc4 add_full_name_as_your_friend 1255352392 Add {full_name} as your Friend. user 2.0.0rc4 add_to_friends 1255352416 Add to Friends user 2.0.0rc4 un_feature_this_member 1255352431 Un-Feature this member. user 2.0.0rc4 unfeature 1255352438 Unfeature user 2.0.0rc4 feature_this_member 1255352446 Feature this member. user 2.0.0rc4 feature 1255352454 Feature user 2.0.0rc4 unable_to_find_any_members_with_the_current_browse_criteria 1255352506 Unable to find any members with the current browse criteria. user 2.0.0rc4 reset_browse_criteria 1255352511 Reset Browse Criteria user 2.0.0rc4 you_have_logged_out 1255352791 You have logged out. user 2.0.0rc4 skip_this_step 1255352808 Skip This Step user 2.0.0rc4 thumbnail 1255352821 Thumbnail user 2.0.0rc4 profile_picture_cropping_tool 1255352829 Profile Picture Cropping Tool user 2.0.0rc4 avatar 1255352835 Avatar user 2.0.0rc4 the_image_you_uploaded_is_rather_small_so_we_are_unable_to_crop_it_however_you_can_still_save_this_image_if_you_want_to_use_it 1255352849 The image you uploaded is rather small so we are unable to crop it, however you can still save this image if you want to use it. user 2.0.0rc4 save_avatar 1255352862 Save Avatar user 2.0.0rc4 click_and_drag_a_box_on_the_original_image_to_create_your_cropped_image 1255352881 user 2.0.0rc4 original 1255352892 Original user 2.0.0rc4 preview 1255352898 Preview user 2.0.0rc4 upload_a_new_profile_picture 1255353021 Upload a New Profile Picture user 2.0.0rc4 the_file_size_limit_is_file_size_if_your_upload_does_not_work_try_uploading_a_smaller_picture 1255353065 The file size limit is {file_size}. If your upload does not work, try uploading a smaller picture. user 2.0.0rc4 invisible_mode 1255353140 Invisible Mode user 2.0.0rc4 invisible_mode_allows_you_to_browse_the_site_without_appearing_on_any_online_lists 1255353150 user 2.0.0rc4 enable_invisible_mode 1255353157 Enable Invisible Mode user 2.0.0rc4 save_changes 1255353176 Save Changes user 2.0.0rc4 profile 1255353183 Profile user 2.0.0rc4 display_age_and_date_of_birth 1255353205 Display age and date of birth. user 2.0.0rc4 display_age_and_day_month_of_birth 1255353212 Display age and day/month of birth. user 2.0.0rc4 display_only_my_age 1255353221 Display only my age. user 2.0.0rc4 display_only_day_month_of_birth 1255353228 Display only day/month of birth. user 2.0.0rc4 hide_my_age_and_date_of_birth 1255353239 Hide my age and date of birth. user 2.0.0rc4 notifications 1255353258 Notifications user 2.0.0rc4 blocked_users 1255353273 Blocked Users user 2.0.0rc4 check_the_boxes_to_unblock_users 1255353279 Check the boxes to unblock users. user 2.0.0rc4 you_have_not_blocked_any_users 1255353290 You have not blocked any users. user 2.0.0rc4 view_your_updated_profile 1255353335 View your updated profile. user 2.0.0rc4 updating_profile 1255353348 Updating profile user 2.0.0rc4 no_custom_fields_have_been_added 1255353363 No custom fields have been added. user 2.0.0rc4 add_a_new_custom_field 1255353370 Add a New Custom Field user 2.0.0rc4 i_have_read_and_agree_to_the_a_href_id_js_terms_of_use_terms_of_use_a_and_a_href_id_js_privacy_policy_privacy_policy_a 1255353746 Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.]]> user 2.0.0rc4 sign_up 1255353757 Sign Up user 2.0.0rc4 terms_of_use 1255353807 Terms of Use user 2.0.0rc4 privacy_policy 1255353814 Privacy Policy user 2.0.0rc4 are_you_sure_you_want_to_delete_your_account 1255353879 Are you sure you want to delete your account? user 2.0.0rc4 user_info_will_miss_you 1255353902 {user_info} will miss you. user 2.0.0rc4 why_are_you_deleting_your_account 1255353918 Why are you deleting your account? user 2.0.0rc4 please_tell_us_why 1255353928 Please tell us why user 2.0.0rc4 enter_your_password 1255353935 Enter your password user 2.0.0rc4 are_you_absolutely_sure_this_operation_cannot_be_undone 1255353943 Are you absolutely sure? This operation cannot be undone. user 2.0.0rc4 delete_my_account 1255353954 Delete My Account user 2.0.0rc4 total_user_change_out_of_total_user_name_changes 1255354010 {total_user_change} out of {total} user name changes. user 2.0.0rc4 changing_your_email_address_requires_you_to_verify_your_new_email 1255354040 Changing your email address requires you to verify your new email. user 2.0.0rc4 change_password 1255354053 Change Password user 2.0.0rc4 enable_dst_daylight_savings_time_detection 1255354117 Enable DST (Daylight Savings Time) detection. user 2.0.0rc4 cancel_your_account 1255354151 Cancel your account user 2.0.0rc4 the_link_that_brought_you_here_is_not_valid_it_may_already_have_expired 1255354177 The link that brought you here is not valid, it may already have expired. Email verify links expire {time} after being sent.

A new verification link has been sent to your email address, please verify your address on time

user 2.0.0rc4 this_site_is_very_concerned_about_security 1255354208 This site is very concerned about security and therefore it requires you to verify your email address.

An email has been sent to you, it contains a special link which verifies you and allows you to log in freely. This verification is required only once for this email address


Please check your email and verify your email address now.

user 2.0.0rc4 primary_language 1255508010 Primary Language user 2.0.0rc4 edit_user 1255767831 Edit User
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