user 0 integer on_signup_new_friend setting_on_signup_new_friend 1 2.0.0rc4 0 user 2.0.0rc4 setting_on_signup_new_friend 1256302937 On Signup New FriendIf you select a user from the drop down this user will automatically become friends with any new member that registers.]]> user 2.0.0rc4 provide_a_name_that_is_not_representing_an_empty_name 1256498562 Provide a name that is not representing an empty name. user 2.0.0rc4 email_is_not_valid 1256498658 Email is not valid. user 2.0.0rc1 setting_display_user_online_status 1248697618 Display User Online StatusSelect True to display a users online status, which will alter the users profile image to distinguish from other members that are offline.]]> browse.html.php