registration user 0 boolean approve_users setting_approve_users 13 2.0.5 0 user 0 drop display_or_full_name setting_display_or_full_name 1 2.0.5 registration user 0 boolean disable_username_on_sign_up setting_disable_username_on_sign_up 14 2.0.5dev1 0 user 2.0.5 setting_approve_users 1269284711 Approve UsersEnable this if you want to approve users before they can log into the site.]]> user 2.0.5 your_account_is_pending_approval 1269285880 Your account is pending approval. user 2.0.5 pending_approval 1269286717 Pending Approval user 2.0.5 deny_user 1269286833 Deny User user 2.0.5 approve_user 1269286895 Approve User user 2.0.5 user_successfully_approved 1269350848 User successfully approved. user 2.0.5 not_approved 1269350868 Not Approved user 2.0.5 user_successfully_denied 1269350886 User successfully denied. user 2.0.5 account_approved 1269351018 Account Approved user 2.0.5 your_account_has_been_approved_on_site_title 1269351079 {link}]]> user 2.0.5 users_pending_approval 1269352177 Users Pending Approval user 2.0.5 user_setting_can_edit_currency 1271666567 Allow users to edit their default site currency? user 2.0.5 preferred_currency 1271673716 Preferred Currency user 2.0.5 show_prices_and_make_purchases_in_this_currency 1271673733 Show prices and make purchases in this currency. user 2.0.5 payment_methods 1272279403 Payment Methods user 2.0.5 setting_display_or_full_name 1272872994 Display or Full NameWhen a user registers on the site they can either enter their full name or display name. This setting controls what they should be entering.]]> user 2.0.5 pending_email_verification 1273224031 Pending Email Verification user 2.0.5dev1 setting_disable_username_on_sign_up 1274282432 Disable Username on RegistrationIf this is enabled it will disable the "Username" field on the registration form. The Username is used to create a vanity URL of users (eg. If this is disabled we will use their unique ID number to create their vanity URL. You can then enable a user group setting that can allow users to edit their username at a later time.]]> user 2.0.5dev1 email_verification 1274636277 Email Verification user 2.0.5dev1 mail_sent 1274637971 Mail Sent user 2.0.5dev1 verification_email_sent 1274637981 Verification email sent. user 2.0.5dev1 resend_verification_email 1274637994 Resend Verification Email user 2.0.0rc4 this_site_is_very_concerned_about_security 1255354208 This site is very concerned about security and therefore it requires you to verify your email address.

An email has been sent to you, it contains a special link which verifies you and allows you to log in freely. This verification is required only once for this email address.

Please check your email and verify your email address now.

0 user boolean 1 1 0 1 user 0 can_edit_currency user controller user user.component_controller_pending_clean 1271160844 2.0.5 user user.stat_title_1 user.browse user.png 1 database() ->select('COUNT(u.user_id)') ->from(Phpfox::getT('user'), 'u') ->join(Phpfox::getT('user_field'), 'uf', 'uf.user_id = u.user_id') ->where('u.status_id = 0 AND u.view_id = 0') ->execute('getSlaveField');]]> profile.html.php setting.html.php verify.html.php browse.html.php custom.html.php