user 0 boolean check_promotion_system setting_check_promotion_system 1 2.0.5dev2 0 user 2.0.5dev2 promotions 1275109970 Promotions user 2.0.5dev2 manage_promotions 1275110028 Manage Promotions user 2.0.5dev2 add_promotion 1275110053 Add Promotion user 2.0.5dev2 upgraded_user_group 1275112001 Upgraded User Group user 2.0.5dev2 total_days_registered 1275112016 Total Days Registered user 2.0.5dev2 no_promotions_found 1275112046 No promotions found. user 2.0.5dev2 promotion_successfully_deleted 1275112057 Promotion successfully deleted. user 2.0.5dev2 promotion_successfully_update 1275112080 Promotion successfully updated. user 2.0.5dev2 promotion_successfully_added 1275112090 Promotion successfully added. user 2.0.5dev2 editing_promotion 1275112127 Editing Promotion user 2.0.5dev2 promotion_details 1275112153 Promotion Details user 2.0.5dev2 days_registered 1275112186 Days Registered user 2.0.5dev2 move_user_to_user_group 1275112194 Move User to User Group user 2.0.5dev2 setting_check_promotion_system 1275113089 Check For PromotionsIf you enable this option it will enable the promotion system and will run a check on users when they are logged into the site.]]> user 2.0.5dev2 congratulations_you_have_been_promoted_to_the_following_user_group_title 1275114389 Congratulations! You have been promoted to the following user group: {title} user 2.0.5dev2 before_you_can_use_this_feature_you_need_to_enable_the_option 1275114542 here.]]> user 2.0.5dev2 user_s_successfully_deleted 1275116475 User(s) successfully deleted. user 2.0.5dev2 delete_selected 1275116518 Delete Selected user 2.0.5dev2 user_s_successfully_banned 1275116738 User(s) successfully banned. user 2.0.5dev2 user_s_successfully_un_banned 1275116766 User(s) successfully un-banned. user 2.0.5dev2 ban_selected 1275116858 Ban Selected user 2.0.5dev2 un_ban_selected 1275116870 Un-Ban Selected user 2.0.5dev2 ban 1275179147 Ban user 2.0.5dev2 un_ban 1275179159 Un-Ban user 2.0.5dev2 with_selected 1275179181 With Selected user 2.0.5dev2 delete_user_full_name 1275179424 Delete user {full_name} user 2.0.5dev2 email_verification_s_sent 1275179908 Email verification(s) sent. user 2.0.5dev2 user_s_verified 1275180138 User(s) verified. user 2.0.5dev2 approve 1275180410 Approve user 2.0.5dev2 user_s_successfully_approved 1275180491 User(s) successfully approved. user 2.0.5dev2 ip_address 1275182314 IP Address user 2.0.5dev2 user_link_full_name_commented_on_your_status 1275306747 {full_name} commented on one of your activity feeds.]]> browse.html.php