user 0 integer brute_force_attempts_count setting_brute_force_attempts_count 1 2.0.8 5 user 0 integer brute_force_time_check setting_brute_force_time_check 1 2.0.8 0 user 0 integer brute_force_cool_down setting_brute_force_cool_down 1 2.0.8 15 user 2.0.8 inactive_member_email_subject 1296833975 We have missed you user 2.0.8 inactive_member_email_body 1297074929 Hello {user_name},
we have missed you at {site_name}

Why not come and pay a visit to your friends, there's lots of catching up to do

user 2.0.8 there_are_a_total_of_icount_inactive_members 1297086852 There are a total of {iCount} inactive members user 2.0.8 enter_a_number_of_days 1297087186 Enter a number of days user 2.0.8 enter_a_number_to_size_each_batch 1297087223 Enter a number to size each batch user 2.0.8 not_enough_users_to_mail 1297087333 Not enough users to mail user 2.0.8 user_setting_can_member_snoop 1297692328 Can members of this user group log in as another user without entering a password? user 2.0.8 log_in_as_this_user 1297697254 Log in as this user user 2.0.8 member_snoop 1297697278 Member Snoop user 2.0.8 member_snoop_text 1297697535 {user_name} ({full_name}). This has the same effect as if you logged in with that user's password. When in this mode, all your actions will be regarded as executed by {full_name}.
To go back to your admin user you will need to log out and back in.]]>
user 2.0.8 abort_log_in_as_this_user 1297697736 Abort log in as this user user 2.0.8 deny_mail_subject 1298464722 Your registration to {site_name} has been denied user 2.0.8 deny_mail_message 1298464944 At this moment your profile does not meet the minimum requirements for our site. If you feel this is an error, feel free to contact us to {site_email} user 2.0.8 you_are_about_to_deny_user 1298470496 {user_name} from the site. If you want to send an email to this user you may do it here]]> user 2.0.8 deny_and_send_email 1298471061 Deny and send email user 2.0.8 deny_without_email 1298471080 Deny without email user 2.0.8 setting_brute_force_attempts_count 1299680854 Brute Force Prevention: Attempts CountHow many attempts are allowed within the time limit? This setting is used together with "Brute Force Prevention: Time limit" to better protect your site from brute force login attempts. You define a time in minutes and how many failed attempts are allowed within that period of time, if a user fails to log in within that period of time, missing this many tries the account is locked for a certain time, this lock time is defined by the cool down time and during this time even if the correct log in is entered, access will be denied.]]> user 2.0.8 setting_brute_force_time_check 1299681159 Brute Force Prevention: Time LimitHow many minutes back should the script check? Set this to 0 if you do not want to run this check This setting is used together with "Brute Force Prevention: Attempts Count" to better protect your site from brute force login attempts.]]> user 2.0.8 setting_brute_force_cool_down 1299682133 Brute Force Prevention: Cool DownWhen an account has been locked due to a brute force check, how many minutes should the user wait before unlocking the account?]]> user 2.0.8 brute_force_account_locked 1299683217 Forgot Password tool. You can try to log in again in {iUnlockTimeOut} minutes.]]> user 2.1.0beta1 that_user_does_not_exist 1300099212 That user does not exist
0 user boolean false false false false user 0 can_member_snoop user controller user user.component_controller_admincp_ban_clean 1298455495 2.0.8 user service user user.service_browse_get__start 1298902308 2.0.8 user service user user.service_browse_get__cnt 1298902308 2.0.8