time_stamps user 0 string user_dob_month_day_year setting_user_dob_month_day_year 1 3.0.0 F j, Y time_stamps user 0 string user_dob_month_day setting_user_dob_month_day 2 3.0.0 F j user 3.0.0 full_name_commented_on_your_status_update 1322466364 {full_name} commented on your status update. user 3.0.0 get_information_about_a_user_based_on_the_user_id_you_pass_if_you_do_not_pass_the_user_id_we_will_return_information_about_the_user_that_is_currently_logged_in 1322730371 Get information about a user based on the user ID# you pass. If you do not pass the #{USER_ID} we will return information about the user that is currently logged in. user 3.0.0 user_name_liked_gender_own_status_update_title 1322730467 user 3.0.0 user_name_liked_your_status_update_title 1322730568 user 3.0.0 user_name_liked_span_class_drop_data_user_full_name_s_span_status_update_title 1322730676 {full_name}'s status update "{title}"]]> user 3.0.0 full_name_commented_on_your_status_update_title_to_see_the_comment_thread_follow_the_link_below_a_href_link_link_a 1322732634 {link}]]> user 3.0.0 full_name_commented_on_one_of_gender_status_updates 1322732711 {full_name} commented on one of {gender} status updates. user 3.0.0 full_name_commented_on_one_of_other_full_name_s_status_updates 1322732816 user 3.0.0 full_name_commented_on_gender_status_update_a_href_link_title_a_to_see_the_comment_thread_follow_the_link_below_a_href_link_link_a 1322732978 {title}". To see the comment thread, follow the link below: {link}]]> user 3.0.0 full_name_commented_on_other_full_name_s_status_update_a_href_link_title_a_to_see_the_comment_thread_follow_the_link_below_a_href_link_link_a 1322733117 {title}". To see the comment thread, follow the link below: {link}]]> user 3.0.0 unable_to_post_a_comment_on_this_item_due_to_privacy_settings 1322733155 Unable to post a comment on this item due to privacy settings. user 3.0.0 span_class_drop_data_user_full_name_span_commented_on_gender_status_update_title 1322733247 {full_name} commented on {gender} status update "{title}"]]> user 3.0.0 span_class_drop_data_user_full_name_span_commented_on_your_status_update_title 1322733434 {full_name} commented on your status update "{title}"]]> user 3.0.0 span_class_drop_data_user_full_name_span_commented_on_span_class_drop_data_user_other_full_name_s_span_status_update_title 1322733562 {full_name} commented on {other_full_name}'s status update "{title}"]]> user 3.0.0 pending_confirmation 1323087876 Pending Confirmation user 3.0.0 setting_user_dob_month_day_year 1323244991 User D.O.B (Month, Day & Year)Control how we display the users date of birth for the privacy setting "Show my full birthday in my profile".]]> user 3.0.0 setting_user_dob_month_day 1323245329 User D.O.B (Month & Day)Control how we display the users date of birth for the privacy setting "Show only month & day in my profile.".]]> user 3.0.0 user_registration_has_been_disabled 1323687223 User registration has been disabled user 2.0.0beta4 setting_user_profile_private_age 1244573463 Force Profile PrivacyDefine what age should a users profile be forced to be private regardless of their profile privacy setting. If the user's age is the the same or lower than the setting, only their friends will be able to see their profile and interact with them. Notice: Set to "0" (without quotes) for no limit.]]> user 3.0.0beta3 setting_new_user_terms_confirmation 1315851732 Terms & Privacy ConfirmationEnable this option if users must confirm that they understand and have read over your sites terms and privacy policies.]]> user 3.0.0beta4 setting_enable_relationship_status 1317129649 Enable RelationshipsIf you would like your users to have the ability to set their relationship status on your community, enable this feature.]]> user component user user.component_block_tooltip_1 1323345487 3.0.0 user template user user.template_controller_profile_form_onsubmit 1323345487 3.0.0 user template user user.template_block_tooltip_1 1323345637 3.0.0 user template user user.template_block_tooltip_3 1323345637 3.0.0 user template user user.template_block_tooltip_5 1323345637 3.0.0 user template user user.template_block_tooltip_2 1323345637 3.0.0