user 0 drop default_privacy_brithdate setting_default_privacy_brithdate 1 3.1.0beta1 user 0 boolean no_show_activity_points setting_no_show_activity_points 1 3.1.0beta1 1 user 3.1.0beta1 setting_default_privacy_brithdate 1330014202 Default Birthday Privacy SettingUsers can control their default privacy settings when it comes to how they want their birthdays to be displayed on their profile. When users sign up and have not chosen a privacy setting you can define a default setting for the site. Here is a key of what the values stand for... full_birthday = Show full birthday month_day = Show month & day show_age = Only show the users age hide = Hide users age/birthday]]> user 3.1.0beta1 user_name_tagged_you_in_a_comment 1331221510 {user_name} tagged you in a comment user 3.1.0beta1 user_name_tagged_you_in_a_status_update 1331221577 {user_name} tagged you in a status update user 3.1.0beta1 setting_no_show_activity_points 1331554285 Show Activity Points on DashboardEnable this option to show the activity points displayed on the dashboard.]]>