user 0 boolean shorter_password_reset_routine setting_shorter_password_reset_routine 1 3.1.0rc1 0 user 3.1.0rc1 setting_shorter_password_reset_routine 1332231623 Shorter Password Reset RoutineIf this is enabled when a user clicks on Forgot your password he will receive an email with a link, when clicking on the link he will be shown an input where to change the password. The site will not assign a new password to that user and the previous password will work until it has been reset.]]> user 3.1.0rc1 request_expired_please_try_again 1332235241 Request expired. Please try again. user 3.1.0rc1 menu_user_members_532c28d5412dd75bf975fb951c740a30 1332258017 Members user mobile menu_user_members_532c28d5412dd75bf975fb951c740a30 126 user.browse 3.1.0rc1 user small_groups.png