user 0 boolean split_full_name setting_split_full_name 1 3.4.0beta1 0 registration user 0 boolean reenter_email_on_signup setting_reenter_email_on_signup 19 3.4.0beta1 0 user 0 string points_conversion_rate setting_points_conversion_rate 1 3.4.0beta1 user 0 boolean can_purchase_with_points setting_can_purchase_with_points 1 3.4.0beta1 0 user 0 boolean can_purchase_activity_points setting_can_purchase_activity_points 1 3.4.0beta1 0 user 3.4.0beta1 setting_split_full_name 1346150751 User split full nameSplit user's full name into last name and first name]]> user 3.4.0beta1 email_s_do_not_match 1344506758 user 3.4.0beta1 please_reenter_your_email_again_below 1344506853 Please reenter your email again below. user 3.4.0beta1 landing_page 1344594677 Landing Page user 3.4.0beta1 wall 1344594702 Wall user 3.4.0beta1 profile_info 1344594709 Profile Info user 3.4.0beta1 please_fill_in_both_your_first_and_last_name 1344843606 Please fill in both your first and last name. user 3.4.0beta1 setting_points_conversion_rate 1347184539 Activity Points Conversion RateDefine how much an activity point is worth for each available currency.]]> user 3.4.0beta1 setting_can_purchase_with_points 1347184559 Purchasing with Activity PointsEnable this option if you would like to allow users to be able to purchase items using their activity points.]]> user 3.4.0beta1 setting_reenter_email_on_signup 1347184582 Force Users to Reenter EmailEnable this option to add a new input field where users would have to reenter their email during the registration process to assure they are entering the correct email.]]> user 3.4.0beta1 you_can_purchase_this_with_your_activity_points 1347185085 You can purchase this with your activity points. user 3.4.0beta1 purchase_points_info 1347193409 You have {yourpoints} activity point(s). This will cost {yourcost} activity point(s). user 3.4.0beta1 not_enough_points 1347193470 You do not have enough points to purchase this item. You have a total of {total} activity point(s). user 3.4.0beta1 thank_you_for_your_purchase 1347864904 Thank you for your purchase. user 3.4.0beta1 how_many_points_would_you_like_to_purchase 1347864947 How many points would you like to purchase? user 3.4.0beta1 setting_can_purchase_activity_points 1347865412 Purchase Activity PointsIf enabled, users will be allowed to purchase activity points.]]> user 3.4.0beta1 purchase_points 1347865587 Purchase Points user 3.4.0beta1 birth_date 1347948660 Birth Date user 3.4.0beta1 unable_to_share_this_post_due_to_privacy_settings 1347968376 Unable to share this post due to privacy settings.