user 0 boolean prevent_profile_photo_cache setting_prevent_profile_photo_cache 1 3.4.0beta2 0 user 3.4.0beta2 uploading_image 1348124572 Uploading image... user 3.4.0beta2 setting_prevent_profile_photo_cache 1348466690 Profile Photo Cache PreventionEnable this option to force a users own profile photo from being cached. This will always assure the user will see the latest profile photo they uploaded.]]> user 3.4.0beta2 show_users_who_have_not_logged_in_for 1349077447 Show users who have not logged in for user 3.4.0beta2 days 1349077455 days user 3.4.0beta2 send_mails_in_batches_of 1349077461 Send mails in batches of user 3.4.0beta2 enter_0_for_all_at_once 1349077468 user 3.4.0beta2 this_feature_uses_the_language 1349077479 user 3.4.0beta2 get_members_count 1349077486 Get Members Count user 3.4.0beta2 process_mailing_job 1349077491 Process Mailing Job user 3.4.0beta2 stop_mailing_job 1349077496 Stop Mailing Job