video 0 drop show_share_and_upload_video_on_dashboard setting_show_share_and_upload_video_on_dashboard 1 2.0.0rc3 video 2.0.0rc3 setting_show_share_and_upload_video_on_dashboard 1254218034 Show upload and share on DashboardHere you can choose whether to show just the "upload video" link, just the "share video" link or both on the dashboard.]]> video 2.0.0rc3 unable_to_edit_this_video_as_there_is_no_video_id 1254401648 Unable to edit this video as there is no video ID# video 2.0.0rc3 done 1254401673 Done! video 2.0.0rc3 categories 1254402091 Categories video 2.0.0rc3 sub_categories 1254402112 Sub-Categories video 2.0.0rc3 video_details 1254402131 Video Details video 2.0.0rc3 browse_filter 1254402149 Browse Filter video 2.0.0rc3 more_from 1254402174 More From: video 2.0.0rc3 videos 1254402214 Videos video 2.0.0rc3 view_more 1254402255 View More video 2.0.0rc3 related_videos 1254402325 Related Videos video 2.0.0rc3 afooter 1254402338 aFooter video 2.0.0rc3 spotlight 1254402421 Spotlight video 2.0.0rc3 category_successfully_updated 1254402459 Category successfully updated. video 2.0.0rc3 category_successfully_added 1254402474 Category successfully added. video 2.0.0rc3 edit_a_category 1254402486 Edit a Category video 2.0.0rc3 create_a_new_category 1254402498 Create a New Category video 2.0.0rc3 category_order_successfully_updated 1254402543 Category order successfully updated. video 2.0.0rc3 category_successfully_deleted 1254402580 Category successfully deleted. video 2.0.0rc3 manage_categories 1254402591 Manage Categories video 2.0.0rc3 id_must_be_defined 1254402634 ID must be defined. video 2.0.0rc3 unable_to_edit_this_video 1254402663 Unable to edit this video video 2.0.0rc3 video_successfully_updated 1254402685 Video successfully updated. video 2.0.0rc3 edit_a_video 1254402735 Edit a Video video 2.0.0rc3 upload_failed_file_is_too_large 1254402946 Upload failed. File is too large. video 2.0.0rc3 video_section_is_closed 1254403051 Video section is closed. video 2.0.0rc3 video_successfully_deleted 1254403096 Video successfully deleted. video 2.0.0rc3 full_name_s_videos_full_name_has_total_video_s 1254403381 video 2.0.0rc3 full_name_s_videos 1254403482 video 2.0.0rc3 videos_for_this_profile_is_set_to_private 1254403646 Videos for this profile is set to private. video 2.0.0rc3 video_successfully_added 1254403678 Video successfully added. video 2.0.0rc3 video_successfull_added_however_you_will_have_to_manually_upload_a_photo_for_it 1254403699 Video successfull added, however you will have to manually upload a photo for it. video 2.0.0rc3 share_a_video 1254403721 Share a Video video 2.0.0rc3 video_successfully_uploaded 1254403776 Video successfully uploaded. video 2.0.0rc3 upload_a_video 1254403788 Upload a Video video 2.0.0rc3 the_video_you_are_looking_for_does_not_exist_or_has_been_removed 1254403835 The video you are looking for does not exist or has been removed. video 2.0.0rc3 total_rating_ratings 1254403888 {total_rating} Ratings video 2.0.0rc3 poor 1254403954 Poor video 2.0.0rc3 nothing_special 1254403965 Nothing Special video 2.0.0rc3 worth_watching 1254403976 Worth Watching video 2.0.0rc3 pretty_cool 1254403987 Pretty Cool video 2.0.0rc3 awesome 1254403996 Awesome video 2.0.0rc3 you_have_already_voted 1254404170 You have already voted. video 2.0.0rc3 you_cannot_rate_your_own_video 1254404183 You cannot rate your own video. video 2.0.0rc3 select 1254404840 Select video 2.0.0rc3 select_a_sub_category 1254404852 Select a Sub-Category video 2.0.0rc3 nothing_to_convert 1254404948 Nothing to convert. video 2.0.0rc3 started_converting_process 1254404962 Started converting process. video 2.0.0rc3 converting_store_in_cache_video_id 1254405048 Converting (store in cache): {video_id} video 2.0.0rc3 updated_process_id 1254405081 Updated process ID# video 2.0.0rc3 start_converting_process_video_id 1254405113 Start converting process: {video_id} video 2.0.0rc3 file_exists_sdestination 1254405171 File exists: {sDestination} video 2.0.0rc3 cant_convert_ssource 1254405251 Cant convert: {sSource} video 2.0.0rc3 converting_ssource 1254405295 Converting: {sSource} video 2.0.0rc3 converting_completed_sdestination 1254405335 Converting completed: {sDestination} video 2.0.0rc3 updated_database_video_table 1254405376 Updated database video table. video 2.0.0rc3 updated_user_points 1254405390 Updated user points. video 2.0.0rc3 removed_source_file 1254405401 Removed source file. video 2.0.0rc3 completed_image_simagelocation 1254405456 Completed Image: {sImageLocation} video 2.0.0rc3 completed_sdestination 1254405513 Completed: {sDestination} video 2.0.0rc3 unable_to_convert_video 1254405571 Unable to convert video. video 2.0.0rc3 not_a_valid_site_valid_sites_asites 1254405633 Not a valid site. Valid sites: {aSites} video 2.0.0rc3 provide_a_category_this_video_will_belong_to 1254487824 Provide a category this video will belong to. video 2.0.0rc3 unable_to_embed_this_video_due_to_privacy_settings 1254487845 Unable to embed this video due to privacy settings. video 2.0.0rc3 select_a_video_to_upload 1254487878 Select a video to upload. video 2.0.0rc3 not_a_valid_file_we_only_allow_sallow 1254487914 Not a valid file. We only allow: {sAllow} video 2.0.0rc3 select_a_video 1254487977 Select a video. video 2.0.0rc3 unable_to_process_this_video 1254488029 Unable to process this video. video 2.0.0rc3 unable_to_find_the_video_you_plan_to_edit 1254488075 Unable to find the video you plan to edit. video 2.0.0rc3 provide_a_title_for_this_video 1254488086 Provide a title for this video. video 2.0.0rc3 invalid_permissions 1254488133 Invalid Permissions. video 2.0.0rc3 unable_to_find_the_video_you_plan_to_delete 1254488148 Unable to find the video you plan to delete. video 2.0.0rc3 unable_to_find_the_video_image_you_plan_to_delete 1254488214 Unable to find the video image you plan to delete. video 2.0.0rc3 unable_to_find_the_video_you_want_to_approve 1254488246 Unable to find the video you want to approve. video 2.0.0rc3 your_video_has_been_approved_on_site_title 1254488300 Your video has been approved on {site_title} video 2.0.0rc3 your_video_has_been_approved_on_site_title_n_nto_view_this_video_follow_the_link_below_n_a_href 1254488463 {sLink} ]]> video 2.0.0rc3 not_a_valid_video_to_display 1254488610 Not a valid video to display. video 2.0.0rc3 are_you_sure_this_will_delete_all_videos_that_belong_to_this_category_and_cannot_be_undone 1254488826 Are you sure? This will delete all videos that belong to this category and cannot be undone. video 2.0.0rc3 added_by 1254488943 Added By video 2.0.0rc3 rating 1254488976 Rating video 2.0.0rc3 category 1254488990 Category video 2.0.0rc3 url 1254489013 URL video 2.0.0rc3 embed 1254489021 Embed video 2.0.0rc3 featured 1254489041 Featured video 2.0.0rc3 pending 1254489059 Pending video 2.0.0rc3 approve_this_video 1254489109 Approve this video. video 2.0.0rc3 approved 1254489134 Approved video 2.0.0rc3 edit_this_video 1254489227 Edit this video. video 2.0.0rc3 edit 1254489247 Edit video 2.0.0rc3 delete_this_video 1254489283 Delete this video. video 2.0.0rc3 are_you_sure 1254489302 Are you sure? video 2.0.0rc3 delete 1254489334 Delete video 2.0.0rc3 feature_this_video 1254489427 Feature this video. video 2.0.0rc3 unfeature 1254489453 Unfeature video 2.0.0rc3 spotlight_this_video 1254489500 Spotlight this video. video 2.0.0rc3 remove_the_spotlight_from_this_video 1254489533 Remove the spotlight from this video. video 2.0.0rc3 remove_spotlight 1254489549 Remove Spotlight video 2.0.0rc3 keywords 1254489744 Keywords video 2.0.0rc3 submit 1254489754 Submit video 2.0.0rc3 reset 1254489762 Reset video 2.0.0rc3 video_title 1254489785 Video Title video 2.0.0rc3 description 1254489808 Description video 2.0.0rc3 by 1254490481 By video 2.0.0rc3 report_a_video 1254490573 Report a Video video 2.0.0rc3 report 1254490584 Report video 2.0.0rc3 add_to_your_favorites 1254490592 Add to your Favorites video 2.0.0rc3 add_to_favorites 1254490600 Add to Favorites video 2.0.0rc3 edit_this_video_menu 1254490709 Edit this Video video 2.0.0rc3 delete_this_video_menu 1254490763 Delete this Video video 2.0.0rc3 total_views_views 1254490886 {total_views} views video 2.0.0rc3 no_videos_have_been_added_yet 1254490981 No videos have been added yet. video 2.0.0rc3 be_the_first_to_add_a_video 1254490991 Be the First to Add a Video. video 2.0.0rc3 go_advanced 1254491246 go advanced video 2.0.0rc3 cancel 1254491255 cancel video 2.0.0rc3 no_videos_added_yet_link_to_add 1254491516 to add a new video.]]> video 2.0.0rc3 update 1254491664 Update video 2.0.0rc3 no_videos_added_yet 1254491928 No videos added yet. video 2.0.0rc3 add_a_new_video 1254491938 Add a New Video video 2.0.0rc3 video_category_details 1254492010 Video Category Details video 2.0.0rc3 name 1254492016 Name video 2.0.0rc3 parent_category 1254492030 Parent Category video 2.0.0rc3 select_form_select 1254492052 Select video 2.0.0rc3 update_order 1254492100 Update Order video 2.0.0rc3 view_this_video 1254492141 View This Video video 2.0.0rc3 step_2 1254492172 Step 2 video 2.0.0rc3 photo 1254492181 Photo video 2.0.0rc3 step_1 1254492220 Step 1 video 2.0.0rc3 save 1254492263 Save video 2.0.0rc3 video_photo 1254492274 Video Photo video 2.0.0rc3 here 1254492361 here video 2.0.0rc3 click_to_delete_this_image 1254492819 here to delete this image and upload a new one in its place.]]> video 2.0.0rc3 you_can_upload_a_jpg_gif_or_png_file 1254567468 You can upload a JPG, GIF or PNG file. video 2.0.0rc3 the_file_size_limit_is 1254568982 The file size limit is {iMaxFileSize_filesize}. If your upload does not work, try uploading a smaller picture. video 2.0.0rc3 you_have_not_added_any_videos 1254569091 You have not added any videos. video 2.0.0rc3 browse_other_videos 1254569752 Browse Other Videos video 2.0.0rc3 no_videos_have_been_added 1254569764 No videos have been added. video 2.0.0rc3 there_is_one_video_that_is_pending_approval 1254569791 There is one video that is pending approval. video 2.0.0rc3 there_are_ivideoapprovecnt_videos_that_are_pending_approval 1254569811 There are {iVideoApproveCnt} videos that are pending approval. video 2.0.0rc3 click_here_to_approve_videos 1254569985 here to approve videos.]]> video 2.0.0rc3 video_url 1254570126 Video URL video 2.0.0rc3 supported_sites 1254570139 Supported sites video 2.0.0rc3 add 1254570150 Add video 2.0.0rc3 add_a_video 1254570165 Add a Video video 2.0.0rc3 view_your_videos 1254570239 View Your Videos video 2.0.0rc3 upload_more_videos 1254570254 Upload More Videos video 2.0.0rc3 uploading 1254570297 Uploading video 2.0.0rc3 upload_copyrights_notice 1254570328 You retain all rights in your video that you upload. You must only upload videos in which you own all the rights. If you upload any videos in which you do not own all the rights, you may be violating copyright law. video 2.0.0rc3 copyright_consequences_notice 1254570461 Uploading copyrighted videos without the explicit consent of the copyright owner will result in your profile being cancelled. video 2.0.0rc3 select_video 1254570475 Select Video video 2.0.0rc3 you_can_upload_a_sfileext_file 1254570500 You can upload a {sFileExt} file. video 2.0.0rc3 max_file_size_iuploadlimit 1254570537 Max file size: {iUploadLimit} video 2.0.0rc3 video_is_being_processed 1254570641 Video is being processed. video 2.0.0rc3 video_is_pending_approval 1254570697 Video is pending approval. video 2.0.0rc3 user_link_has_not_added_any_videos 1254570788 {user_link} has not added any videos. video 2.0.0rc3 date_added 1254570903 Date Added video 2.0.0rc3 popular 1254570916 Popular video 2.0.0rc3 most_discussed 1254570931 Most Discussed video 2.0.0rc3 most_viewed 1254570958 Most Viewed video 2.0.0rc3 recent_videos 1254570986 Recent Videos video 2.0.0rc3 sort 1254571208 Sort video 2.0.0rc3 in_sorting_order 1254571227 in edit.html.php index.html.php share.html.php view.html.php upload.html.php new.html.php detail.html.php menu.html.php spotlight.html.php mini.html.php entry.html.php filter.html.php form.html.php parent.html.php profile.html.php