video 1 boolean vidly_support setting_vidly_support 1 3.3.0beta2 0 video 1 string video_upload_private_key setting_video_upload_private_key 1 3.3.0beta2 video 1 string video_upload_public_key setting_video_upload_public_key 1 3.3.0beta2 video 1 boolean video_upload_service setting_video_upload_service 1 3.3.0beta2 0 video 1 string vidly_user_key setting_vidly_user_key 1 3.3.0beta2 video 1 string vidly_api_key setting_vidly_api_key 1 3.3.0beta2 video 3.3.0beta2 converting_video 1340288404 Converting Video video 3.3.0beta2 setting_vidly_support 1340653094 Enable SupportSet to True to enable support.]]> video 3.3.0beta2 setting_video_upload_private_key 1341145410 Video Upload Private KeyEnter your video upload private key here.]]> video 3.3.0beta2 setting_video_upload_public_key 1341145872 Video Upload Public KeyEnter your video upload public key here.]]> video 3.3.0beta2 setting_video_upload_service 1341145938 Video Upload ServiceEnable this option if you have our video upload service.]]> video 3.3.0beta2 setting_vidly_user_key 1341168583 User KeyEnter your User Key here.]]> video 3.3.0beta2 setting_vidly_api_key 1341249013 API keyEnter your API key here.]]>