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Successful International Trader Members

Read these ACTUAL REPORTS from INTERNATIONAL TRADERS MEMBERS that clearly show their experiences with the Mellinger Plan.

These reports illustrate the confidence that comes from being well informed. The same Mellinger World Trade/Mail Order Plan and same individual Consultation Service that guided these men and women are available to you! Obviously, your experiences may not be the same. *Consumers should not expect to experience similar results


Photo Of
Roland Croteau

"Has Mellinger's International Traders been instrumental in our success? Absolutely! Mellinger's organization, programs, seminars and annual trade show are a bargain at twice the price. Most of the work was done for us, all we had to do was follow his test proven methods, be patient and exercise some common sense. We're living a life long dream called "self employment". Would we go the Mellinger way again? In a heartbeat." *

Leonard Miller

Having trouble sleeping one night, Mr. Miller turned on his TV and became enthralled by a Mellinger infomercial. A phone call brought him full details about the Mellinger Plan. "I was so impressed with what I saw, I immediately began following the Mellinger Plan and became a Member of International Traders. I began putting the Plan into practice and started showing Import products. In less than two months, I had generated well over $2000. in business." *

Photo Of
Barbara Aduwa

Years of working in her same job told Barbara she was really not living up to her true potential in life. She decided it was time for change. The Mellinger Plan provided exactly what she needed. We asked Barbara why she chose the Mellinger Plan over anything else. She replied, "I would tell you this works for you. It's very good for beginners like myself." *

Photo Of
Michelle Henley

"I realize how the business has grown. When for the first time in our lives we have an accountant and are investing our money in the market. We are about to take an inventory position with our jeans. We have employees and the phone constantly rings. Our

company is currently looking for agents to represent us around the world. We offer a commission and incentives." *

Photo Of
Robert L. Rose

"We have set goals for our business and have charted out a plan on how we will obtain these goals. One goal for our new importing business is that it will become the sole supporting source of income for both my wife and myself by early spring 1996. I look at running this business the way I look at fishing. In fishing you have to know where to find the fish, what bait to use, and how to go about catching them. The Mellinger Co. is my fishing guide! I have really appreciated the help that The Mellinger Co. has given me." *

Joseph & Fredda Hrenko

Due to medical difficulties, both Joseph and Fredda were not able to continue their previous professions. A home-based business was the perfect answer for them. Attending a Mellinger Trade Show was their turning point. With quotations and information from suppliers, they sought advice from Mellinger's Consultation Staff and began importing and selling to customers. Here's how they explain it, "Using the program we were able to increase our gross income 75% from the time we started. From January through June we earned a little over $5,000. From July through December, we earned about $15,000. The only change in our lives at that time was the Mellinger program. We see this as being substantial." *

Photo Of
Juan Ordonez

"Everything has happened so fast that I still don't believe it. My father has owned a Custom Broker Agency for over 40 years, so all my life I've been watching people get rich with importing goods, now that I have my own import and export business I can see things from a different point of view. I started with only $300. and now I place orders for over $5,000." *

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