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To place a To Buy Lead or a To Sell Lead on the Trade Lead Zone first you have to register your company. The information you submit during registration will be placed in every Trade Lead you submit. Of course after registration you will be able to update this information.

When you complete the registration process we will immediately send you a confirmation email. Be sure your spam filter accepts email from us. In that email there is a link you will need to click on to verify and complete your registration. This link will also take you back to The Trade Lead Zone where you can login onto the system. If this link is broken into two lines you will have to copy and paste it into your browser.

To place a Free Trade Lead click the �Place a lead� button to begin your lead submission and follow the prompts that will take you through the process. Before completion you will be given the option to add extra features to your Trade Lead for a nominal fee. You do not have to select these items if you want to complete the free process.

We suggest you read "Lead Tips" before you place a lead. There are important procedures you can learn there to make a better Trade Lead.

Our system is completely secure using the latest 128 bit encryption programs available and your data is always secure with us as stated in our privacy policy.

You will have the ability to edit, change and upgrade your Trade Lead at anytime by logging into your account with the �My Account� button. Other buttons are at the top of the page and they provide access to your free account and leads on The Trade Lead Zone.

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact using the �Support� button at the upper right. We will do our best to provide the best Trade Lead support to you.

Thank you for using The Trade Lead Zone.