ADOdb Documentation and other files that are not used have been removed from this Geodesic Solutions software package to conserve space, entire ADOdb package can be found for download at

ADOdb Library for PHP

ADOdb is a suite of database libraries that allow you to connect to multiple databases in a portable manner. Download from


Make sure you are running PHP4.0.4 or later. Unpack all the files into a directory accessible by your webserver.

To test, try modifying some of the tutorial examples. Make sure you customize the connection settings correctly. You can debug using:


$db = ADONewConnection($driver); # eg. 'mysql' or 'oci8' 
$db->debug = true;
$db->Connect($server, $user, $password, $database);
$rs = $db->Execute('select * from some_small_table');
print "<pre>";
print "</pre>";

How are people using ADOdb

Here are some examples of how people are using ADOdb: