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For the first time EVER, WebProsperity and Anthony Whyms: Starting 2009 With Your First Income Stream! One of the challenges of web marketing and building prosperity streams is to create income streams that can power other web marketing endeavors such as traffic generation, PPC, list building and social networking — As 2009 starts, you’ll want to find ways of earning income that don’t require lots of your personal time and attention — Internet Marketing Today is dedicated to locating, exploring and featuring products, tools, services and network marketing opportunities that make the online marketers life easier, not more complicated. WebProsperity is just one of those new opportunities and we will explore its’ potential in today’s show — Please join Daniel McGonagle, Warner Carter and Anthony Whyms as they discuss a new and exciting income producing program that is poised to make early movers wealthy – - If you want to find out more about it prior to this show, please go to the following web address: http://www.webprosperityteambulider.com moving4ward.webprosperity.com —- Anthony Whyms of Moving4ward Marketing as host of “Internet Marketing Today” provides insights about building online businesses, using social networking, social bookmarking and the latest marketing techniques & tools. This entry was posted on Sunday, January 4th, 2009 at 6:37 am and is filed under webprosperityteambulider. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. Edit this entry. Leave a Reply Logged in as admin. Logout » * Search * Archives * Categories o No categories The Following is an EzineArticles.com Web Prosperity Review that I wrote but people are stealing it and passing it off as their own content. So I am posting it here to let people know more about Web Prosperity and who is on my team. * James Brown * Kevin Riley * Warner Carter, and possibly Jack Humphrey, * Stu Stirling (my direct upline) * Craig Desorcy, * Romell Weekly * and a lot of other marketers, too. So please read this Web Prosperity article knowing that I have a great team above and below me and that the other people you see posting my article on their site without givng link credit aren’t people you want to join under… WebProsperity Review - A Candid Review of the Web Prosperity Program By Daniel McGonagle This WebProsperity Review will cover what the hype is all about and why Web Prosperity is getting so much attention. WebProsperity is the creation of some big-name marketer names David D’Arcangelo who I have never heard of until recently. One entity that I have heard of is Implix, the people who brought us the GetResponse autoresponder and they are behind this program, too. There are marketers like Ewen Chia, Stone Evans, James Brown, Stu Stirling and many other internet marketers promoting this program. So what’s the hype all about and what exactly is WebProsperity? WebProsperity is an MLM-style program catering to the Internet Marketers of the world. I admit that sentence may not make sense to you but there are certain things that internet marketers do every day, and certain tools that we rely upon heavily. Well, WebProsperity has valuable products as part of their product suite and some of what they offer is the ability to roll your AWeber and AudioAcrobat and other expenses all into one fee. This is part of the reason why WebProsperity is getting so much attention right now. If you’re an internet marketer, you know there are certain tools you can’t really live without and some services that you’ll gladly pay for every month without hesitation (like an autoresponder). When you gather up some services and features that marketers really need and offer it as an MLM-style program catering to a specific audience, you have a winner there. This would not be a complete WebProsperity Review without addressing the down side of any MLM program and the down side to each and every MLM program is the membership retention rate. However, as mentioned previously there are a whole suite of products being offered to the members, not just AWeber and AudioAcrobat-style integration. You can store contacts all in one area, manage your downline from a central location, and even provide some training to your team. I have been burned by MLM programs before and the main reason why some of them failed was because of a fluffed-up product suite and poor management by the program owners. With WebProsperity, the products they offer are products I need and use in my every day operations, plus their management has been proven over the years in a good way, judging by the success of Implix’s GetResponse program Daniel McGonagle has one of the top teams in the WebProsperity Program.

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