Associated bromine Industry Ltd

Associated Bromine Industry Ltd is a specialist company in the field of bromine chemistry.Now we are glad to announce that we have built a new bromine plant and it will star to work in the very near future. ABIL established in 1990 by Dr. Joe.ABIL Main manufacture n-propyl bromide, dibromomethane, n-butyl bromide(nbb),monobromoacetic acid solid ,TBAB(tetrabutyl ammonium bromide), ammonium bromide, sodium bromide, potassiuim , sodium bromate etc brominated compounds . After several years efforts, ABIL develop new department to deal with new items like chloride chemicals such as 1-chloropropane, 1-butyl chloride etc so many kinds of products. Besides the above products, we also distribute trimellitic anhydride (tma), triethylamine (teta), n-tributylamine, flanges products


Last modified: Apr 29, 2006 at 02:03:34 PST