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Tianjin Zhaoji Enterprise Co., Ltd. is renowned dealer in Commercial and Industrial Chemicals in China. Our quality and reliable supply of commercial and Industrial chemicals ensure successful industrialization. Our delivery list includes: agro-chemicals / fungicide and disinfectant chemicals / intermediate / organic and inorganic chemicals, etc. Quality and Reliability you can trust. Tianjin Zhaoji Enterprise Co., Ltd. is your leading source for a wide range of products, custom packaging, shipment, "on demand" delivery, all performed according to the most stringent standards and dedicated to reducing your costs. Tianjin Zhaoji Enterprise Co., Ltd. provides commercial, industrial, and municipal water treatment. Our products include calcium hypochlorite (Hipochlorido de Calcio), TCCA and SDIC etc., Cal-Hypo and TCCA can be purchased in two formulations: one is in granular form and the other is in tablet form. Calcium Hypochlorite, typically used to balance, sanitize, and clean the water in swimming pools, having 65% (via calcium process) and 70% (via sodium process) available chlorine packaged in 40kg, 45kg net plastic drums or 50kg net plastic drums.
Zhaoji Enterprise
Tianjin , TJ , 300061
Telephone: 86 22 88373399

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