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Dear Middle & Small International Buyers: As far as we know, the middle&small international buyers encounter many problems in the international purchasing. Lots of internet cheats. What buyers see is only sellers' beautiful website and some of them are fully cheat and more of them are exaggeration rather than the truth. Too difficult to have the best supplier in short time. Buyers are submerged in the suppliers’ ocean. It is easy to have suppliers to contact, but is really difficult to have the best supplier soon. It does waste much time and energy in the looking for, communication and choose. When buyers find the lowest one, but they are worrying about their quality; while find the best quality one, but are worrying about their delivery. It is so boring, but you have to face it everyday. The reason It is mainly because you do international buying, not the local purchase. The suppliers are so far with you in different language and culture. You cannot visit their production line and talk with them face to face on cafe at any moment . The method Go to China personally. It is good idea. You will see, hear and feel the truth rather than the website and email then you can make the right judgment. Easier said than done. You have to apply for the visa to China, make a visit plan, book an air ticket and fly there with your heavy luggage for about 10 hours or longer. Most of Chinese don’t know English at all and have the different thought way. Maybe you will befall many problems such as communication and traffic even person safety. Set up the Sourcing Office in China It is a better way. You can hire the local people who know the local everything well. But the running fee for Middle&Small buyers is expensive with more operation and law risk in China. What should we do? Now you have another choice, to Choose G-nix. G-nix was registered in Hong Kong in Apr. 2005 and now headquarter in Shenzhen, China ( Shenzhen is one hour by train near to Hong Kong ) .We have rich experience in International Trading and Sourcing for years. Our works Full evaluation to suppliers and keep buyers away from the internet cheats. As buyers' demand, we help the buyers find the suitable suppliers in the shortest time. Make the quality test and control both in the production course and finished products. Finish the whole export procedure to buyers' country if the suppliers don't know how to export. Take part in the exhibition in China in the name of Buyers to collect the useful suppliers' information. Make the assistance of Buyers' visit to China. In one word, our work acts as your buying office in China. Our Goal The Best Sourcing Office in China for Middle&Small International Buyers.

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Shenzhen , SZ ,
Telephone: +86-13632604460

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