Yuan innovation technology group Co.ltd

our company gChongqing Yuan innovation technology (Group) Co., Ltd.h , is one of the biggest manufacturer of motorcycles, vehicles and shock absorber in China. Theref re 3 subsidiary companies in our group company, theyfre Chongqing Xgjao Motorcycles Co., Ltd. Chongqing Changan Shock Absorber Co., Ltd. And Dongfeng Yuan Vehicle Manufacture Co., Ltd. wefre manufacturing all kinds of motorcycles including Knight Motorcycle; Prince Motorcycle, Bending Bean Motorcycle(cub), Scooter, Off-road Motorcycle, Racing motorcycle, from 50cc to 250cc;from one cylinder to two cylinder; from air-cooled to liquid-cooled. Based on the concept of gNew Technology, New Products, Super R&D Abilityh, XGJAO has developed 30% power-saved scooters, such as 50QT, 110T-2F, 20% oil-saved motorcycles, such as 125-3,150, liquid-cooled big power cruisers, such as 150-10,150-14, and electric-controlled power-saved CUB, such as 100,100-7.we also produce shock absorbers of motorcycle and cars for other automobile manufacturer. Based on actual strength of research and developing, All of our product have passed ISO9001,CCC(china compulsory certification ) and Europe‡U exhausting standard. And we are two models (XGJAO110-16D, XGJAO150GY-3A), which have gotten EEC certification (United Kingdom), and 8 models which are applying for EEC certification from Britain and will succeed in no-distance-future.so you can trust our product's quality. and we also are planning to apply for EPA certification from USA.

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