The Littlejohn Group/World-wide Transaction Co.

Is the largest trading network on earth engaged in various product lines. It has offices and representatives in several countries including USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Turkey, Estonia, China, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, Egypt, Kuwait, UAE, Jordan and Pakistan.If you are a supplier of any commodity with a verifiable track record of performance, you are invited to join hands with us in business. Since we have the largest network in the world, we receive hundreds of inquiries and LOIs on daily basis. Obviously, no one can supply every commodity to the whole world, so we always require to coordinate with genuine suppliers. You can be our partner supplier, if you are serious, financially sound and capable to perform. This offer is for only genuine suppliers and mandates of real suppliers. If you are a broker, please do not contact us as a supplier like several others do. If you do not want to supply any proof of your past performance, please do not contact us. We supply Mangoes and other fruits & vegetable, Kernal Basmati Rice, Irri-6 and Par-boiled rice, Steel Scrap Metals ( HMS 1 & 2, Used Rail), Cement, Clinker, Fertilizers, Sugar, Wheat, Corn, Rice, Soya bean, Barley, Crude Oil, Jet Fuel, Aircrafts, Ships, Boats, Heavy Machinery etc.

The Littlejohn Group
41 Marietta St.Box 80
Atlanta , Ga , 30301
Telephone: 770-413-6862

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