make money with adsense - I had shot up to $500 PER DAY
how to make money with google adsense

In June 2003, I signed up with Google AdSense, and did what many others do. I simply took the code from the AdSense site and pasted it onto my web site. And then I did what many others undoubtedly do as well. I wondered why I wasn't making any money. make money with google adsense

From just $30 per day, I had shot up to $500 PER DAY with just a few easy changes in my spare time. I looked at my incredible 5-digit check and thought I must be dreaming. 'There has got to be a mistake", I thought. "Google is going to call me up and ask for their check back." But the call never came. make money with adsense.

Deep down, I knew it wouldn't. Each time I logged into my AdSense account, the proof was right before my eyes: My AdSense stats!

See that chart below? This is a real, recent screenshot of my AdSense stats page. With Google's permission, I'm able to reveal how much I'm making with AdSense. But they've asked me to keep details of my CPM and CTR private, so I have blacked them out in order to comply with Google's terms of service. I'm not a renegade and I value my relationship with Google too much! make money with adsense.

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