Pharmaceutical-Grade Omega-3 Harp Seal Oil Supplements

omega-3 seal oil nutritional supplements


Our Goal
To accomplish our mission by providing you with quality products and information with the highest caliber of responsible character and competence.

At NUTRICAN, experience, quality and your health are number one. We personally develop, manufacture and sell our entire supplement line. We strives for the common goal of helping each individual we serve achieve optimal health. Each product is designed to optimize the consistent health and well being of our consumers.

We have variety of products using unique formulations, and top quality ingredients, in combinations that give consumers the most health benefits. These unique combinations address specific nutritional and health concerns as well as overall health. Each formula is balanced with synergistic ingredients to address specific body structures and function.

Our mutual success depends on a strong commitment to outstanding customer service. We strongly believe in informed and active participation in our customer's health. We strive to perform in a way that will instill trust in us and we will be faithful to this trust.

Our products have helped tens of thousands of people concerned about their health, just like you, to achieve superior health with our safe, natural, high potency, health promoting products. We guarantee we can help you too. Our products included Pharmaceutical, Premium Food-Grade Fish, Seal Oils. The product and facilities are regularly inspected and approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

Our oil is an 100% all-natual product in that it is refined rather than manufactured, and the process is mechanical rather than biochemical. Our oils are available in encapsulated and bottle form.

Desired Investment Partnerships

NUTRICAN would like to meet companies who are seeking a supply of processed marine by-products, such as chitin and chitosan. We would like to work with such a company in expanding our product lines, to ensure that our investments are market-driven and the customer is pleased with our products. We also welcomes proposals for private labeling agreements involving seal oil capsules.

NUTRICAN continually seeking research collaborations, particularly with companies interested in essential fatty acid nutrition and other marine by-product research. We are looking for corporate sponsorship for on-going research project on marine byproducts at MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY, Newfoundland, Canada.

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