For sale by Owner Ray Lambert
Norman, OK USA

Schwartz Meat Company


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This IQF meat processing facility, with IQF equipment, is FOR SALE or Lease. There is 3700 SF of office space, 4156 SF of cooler/freezer space and 2565 SF of food production space, 945 SF of machine shop & boiler room space. Total space under roof is 11,366SF. The cooler/freezer building had a new built up roof installed in 2002. The office building will need roof repairs. The buildings sit on 38,948 SF (.89 acres) of industrial park land. There are three vacant acres beside this property selling for $165,000 for the tract. Lot has 200Ft of frontage. Loading docks are included and the commercial property is located in an industrial park, one street off the main thoroughfare in Norman, OK, which is 15 minutes away from Oklahoma City, OK. Land and buildings, without equipment appraised for $625,000.00 in 1982. There are three acreas of flat land adjoining this property, for expansion, with an asking price of approximately $165,000 for the tract. We are looking to either sell or lease the property. We will review all buy/lease offers on this property. This facility produced IQF food products listed on this web site, primarily for institutional populations, such as prisons, until July 1, 2003. The company, Schwartz Meat Company is for sale too. Past customer lists and vendor lists may be available as well. The owner/production engineer, Bob Schwartz, has interest in providing startup and production assistance. He brings 35 years of experience with him in the business and in the use of the facility. Pictures of the outside of the building and property are available and can be e-mailed to you. Call or email us today with a proposal or offer at 304-683-4595. Ask for Ray Lambert

30 Years of Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) Food Products

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Jail, Prison, Correctional & Institutional Food Products
Halal (Islamic) Religious Food Products
Pizza Topping Products (Halal Toppings Too)
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Our Products Are Used In:

    Chili .. Chili Con Carne .. Chili Mac .. Hot Dog Chili .. Chili Pie .. Chili Relleno
    Casseroles .. Lasagna .. Pizza
    Tacos .. Burritos .. Enchiladas
    Stews .. Beef Stroganoff .. Goulash
    Omeletes .. Gravies
    Sloppy Joes .. Bar B-Que
    Chicken Pot Pies

Our customers are enjoying super savings plus getting quality entrees for their meals.

We custom blend products, spices, herbs and other additives to produce superior ingredients and entrees that tickles the palate and saves you money from our unique process. The end product, after formulation and cooking, is immediately and individually quick frozen to retain the texture, nuitrition and good taste.

Upon arrival at your facility, you simply move the frozen product from the truck to your freezer. Use only the amount of product you need and return the unused portions to the freezer for use later.

Look below to see a description of our excellent IQF products.

We sell direct to institutional food buyers, through food distributors, food brokers and major wholesale food distributors.

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Ray Lambert - Owner
PO Box 1000
Sophia , WV , 25921-1000
Telephone: 304-683-4595 3257Fax

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