BaoSteel Group Shanghai Iron & Steel Research Institute

Shanghai Iron and Steel Research Institute (SISRI) was founded in May, 1960. It is also a three-in-one combination research institute of scientific research, trial-production and production. SISRI has about 1500 staff-members. Among them there are 250 technical personnel, 200 engineers and 115 senior engineers and 14 professors. It has developed many new special steels, functional materials, high research with production and advancement of material science with development of advanced echnologies. Main products: Stainless steel strip; Stainless steel capillary tubes; Thin-wall seamless stainless steel tubes; Soft magnetic permalloy; Rare-earth permanent magnet(SmCo5,SmPrCo5,Sm2Co17,NdFeB); Elinvar and invar alloys; Kovar alloys; Superalloys; Precision casting; Ti alloys; P-Sn-Cu alloys(such as C5210 etc); Isothermal forging Ti alloy parts; High temperature brazing alloys; Self-fluxing spray welding metal powder; W-Re alloy wires, Mo wires and Mo bars; Amorphous or nano crystalline soft magnetic cores; Composite damping materials; Alloy for plastic mould; Special steel; Shape Memory alloys,etc. Moreover,Advanced alloy and metal analysis center can offer analysis of composition, developing new functional materials, measuring mechanical & physical properties, failure analysis and evaluation parts and their service life.

Shanghai , SH , 200940
Telephone: fax008621-56036896

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