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Material Safety Data Sheet
Sodium Benzoate

Supplier Information

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Product Identification

CHEMICAL NAME:Sodium Benzoate
SYNONYM:Benzoate of Soda
CHEMICAL FAMILY:Salt of an Aromatic Carboxylic Acid
CAS NO:532-32-1
EINECS NO: 208-534-8

Hazards Identification

-1)Emergency Overview
WARNING! Causes irritation to skin, eyes and respiratory tract. May be harmful if swallowed.
Health Rating 1 - Slight
Flammability Rating 1 - Slight
Reactivity Rating 1 - Slight
Contact Rating 1 - Slight
-2)Potential Health Effects
Inhalation: Causes irritation to the respiratory tract. Symptoms may include coughing, shortness of breath.
Ingestion: Causes irritation to the gastrointestinal tract. Symptoms may include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. It presents little toxicity unless large amount are ingested, in which case, vomiting and diarrhea likely.
Eye Contact: Causes irritation, redness and pain.
Skin Contact: Causes irritation to skin. Symptoms include redness, itching and pain.
-3)Environmental Effects High concentrations may affect organisms.


Inhalation: If overcome by exposure, remove to fresh air immediately. Give oxygen or artificial respiration as needed. Obtain emergency medical attention.
Eye Contact: In case of eye contact, immediately irrigate with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Obtain medical attention if irritation persists.
Skin Contact: Remove contaminated clothing as needed. Wash skin thoroughly with mild soap and water. Obtain medical attention if irritation develops.
Ingestion: If swallowed, call a physician immediately. Only induce vomiting at the instructions of a physician. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person.


APPEARANCE/ODOR:White, odorless granules, pellets, or powder
MELTING POINT:Not determined
VAPOR PRESSURE @ 20 Deg.C:Negligible
% VOLATILE: Zero (does not evaporate)
SOLUBILITY IN WATER:Appreciable (55 grams in 100 grams @ 20Deg.C)
DENSITY:35-50 lbs/ft3 (depends upon product form)

Exposure Controls/Personal Protection

Airborne Exposure Limits: None established.
Ventilation System: In general, dilution ventilation is a satisfactory health hazard control for this substance. However, if conditions of use create discomfort to the worker, a local exhaust system should be considered.
Personal Respirators (NIOSH Approved): For conditions of use where exposure to dust or mist is apparent and engineering controls are not feasible, a particulate respirator (NIOSH type N95 or better filters) may be worn. If oil particles (e.g. lubricants, cutting fluids, glycerine, etc.) are present, use a NIOSH type R or P filter. For emergencies or instances where the exposure levels are not known, use a full-face positive-pressure, air-supplied respirator. WARNING: Air-purifying respirators do not protect workers in oxygen-deficient atmospheres. Skin Protection: Wear protective gloves and clean body-covering clothing.
Eye Protection: Use chemical safety goggles. Maintain eye wash fountain and quick-drench facilities in work area.

Toxicological Information

No Information found

Ecological Information

Environmental Fate: No information found.
Environmental Toxicity: No information found.

Fire Fighting Measures

As with most organic solids, fire is possible at elevated temperatures or by contact with an ignition source.
Fine dust dispersed in air in sufficient concentrations, and in the presence of an ignition source is a potential dust explosion hazard.
Fire Extinguishing Media:
Use any means suitable for extinguishing surrounding fire. Water spray can be used to extinguish fires and cool fire-exposed containers.
Special Information:
In the event of a fire, wear full protective clothing and NIOSH-approved self-contained breathing apparatus with full facepiece operated in the pressure demand or other positive pressure mode.

Stability and Reactivity

INCOMPATIBLE MATERIALS: Strong acids and strong oxidizing agents.
HAZARDOUS DECOMPOSITION PRODUCTS: Decomposition under fire conditions will generate carbon monoxide and phenol and possibly other potentially toxic vapors.

Handling and Storage

Handling: Wash thoroughly after handling. Use with adequate ventilation. Minimize dust generation and accumulation. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothing. Avoid ingestion and inhalation.
Storage: Store in a tightly closed container. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances.

Accidental Release Measures

-1)Personal Precautions Ventilate area of leak or spill. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment as specified in Personal Protection Section.
-2)Environmental Precautions Do not allow this material to enter storm or sanitary sewers, lakes, rivers, streams or public waterways. Isolate hazard area and restrict access. If material spills at the dry area, sweep up and containerize for reclamation or disposal. Vacuuming or wet sweeping may be used to avoid dust dispersal. Flush and clean area with water to remove trace residue..


Suitable for any mode of transport including by Road,Rail,Sea & Air.
Proper Shipping Name: Sodium Benzoate

Disposal Considerations

Product Disposal:Depending on the type and extent of contamination, if any, special disposal methods may be required. Consult State environmental regulatory agencies for acceptable disposal procedures and locations.

Regulatory Information

Australian Hazchem Code: No information found.
Poison Schedule: No information found.

Other Information

NFPA Ratings: Health: 1 Flammability: 0 Reactivity: 0
Label Hazard Warning: As part of good industrial and personal hygiene and safety procedure, avoid all unnecessary exposure to the chemical substance and ensure prompt removal from skin, eyes and clothing.
Label Precautions: None.
Label First Aid: Not applicable..
Product Use:Food Additives.

Note:The data given here is based on current knowledge and experience. The purpose of this safety data is to describe the products in terms of their safety requirements. The data does not signify any warranty with regard to the products' properties.

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