Welcome to B-KOTRY .................. SUSTAINABLE production is our WATCHWORD. BIODIESEL FROM CARBOHYDRATES AND VEGETABLE OILS VIA ETHANOL PRODUCTION AND USAGE FOR IN SITU TRANSESTERIFICATION WITHOUT DISTILLATION PROCESS. We manufacture the following products in Nigeria: 1. PHOSPHATE FREE DETERGENT POWDER- WE NEED PARTNERS .(50,000MT DEMAND AVAILABLE IN NIGERIA) 2. SOAP BASED LUBRICATING GREASES 3. NON ARSENIC WOOD PRESERVATIVES(water borne). We were declared the best emerging enterprise at the world summit on SMEs hosted by the federal govt. of Nigeria. We are now enjoying pesidential mandate towards full commercialisation of these products . with the support of the Bank of Industry in Nigeria(confirm from We are now looking for partners WORLDWIDE. Taslim Owonikoko ceo/head R&D, Berekotry Nigeria Industries km.,1, Oremoje rd. , Iseyin, Oyo State Nigeria. tel;234-8034-222-448 - taslim owonikoko
berekotry nigeria
km.1, oremoje rd.
iseyin , oy , 202001
Telephone: 234-8034222-448

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