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Shenzhen Topscom Electronics Co., Ltd. ---We have two factory which is specialized in OEM PCBA assembly service, one factory can meet sizable quantity order. Another is for middle and small clients’s order.,we can help our client procure the components according to BOM,.then,build a final products,and test it for shipping. Total Area of factory: 40000 square meters for OEM Business Group, 3800 empoyees. 6 workshops, 28 production lines 16 high-speed SMT machines SMT capability: 29, 000, 000 dots/day Standard: ISO9001 2004 Machinery: The equipment details is as follows: Name Qty Precision/Model No. Mid high-speed SMT: 28 PCS 0. 19sec/chips Reflow-soldering machine: 16 PCS for example Sun East, JT Wave soldering machine: 14PCS for example: TS-300B, RT-990 ICT tester: 8PCS for example TR 518F Static tester: 10PCS for example SLD-698 Vision tester: 4PCS for example AKURTZ Leak tester: 10PCS for example CLC-201 Oscillograph: 14PCS for example SS7180 Telephony: Analyzer10PCS Profile of R&D: Our extensive, industry-leading R&D capabilities provide customers with optional levels of required design and development expertise. Whether customers have an existing design in hand, need a development partner to reach a finished design, or are simply looking to utilize an existing product design. PCB Layout, Framework design, etc Test & Engineering Department, related purchasing, sample-made, test, production, QC, etc, some engineer is from Huawei Technology Utstarcom Ambit Microsystem etc. Quality Control: We carefully monitor the quality of our products at every single stage of production; From material / components to the finished products. Our QC people would have a spot check right before delivery. All the efforts we make is to ensure that our customers would recieve a perfect product. Main Products: Adsl Modem, Receiver Set Box, AGP VGA Card, TV Card, Switch etc. Quantity requirements: We have two factory for OEM, so we would divide the sort to each factory according to quantity and clients s class. So have no detailed quantity requirements. Anyway, the customer is our God. Customer s quantity is from aborative cultivation. File requirements for clients: Clients have to provide detailed PCB Gerber file, BOM List, Testing Program, IC program. Etc. Moreover we have power source capacity for china plastic and metal parts and are welcome to visite our factory,we indeed take our clients as our God.

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