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1002 Langjing Road, Dalang, Longhua Distric, Shenzhen, 2 Floor, Shenzhen 518109, GuangDong, GuangDong, China


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life, to be smart and bright

Bluesmartlife provide high-quality LED controllers including key-pressing LED controllers, RF remote LED controllers, bluetooth LED controllers, wifi LED controllers network LED controllers and LED amplifiers, we also offer all kinds of LED strips with waterproof option.

 Our purpose is to make life smart and easier, and all of our products were designed based on the concept of simple, intelligent, understanding and apreciation. We always committed to develope products easier to understand and use, before developing the products, we share our ideas with our partners and collect a lot of advice, suggestions and other related information, and the products generally become popular soon on the market.

Innovation and creative is another element we focus on. As we're living in an era when the speed of innovations and inventions is more accelerated than any other time in the history of mankind. We need to be an engine of economic and social development in this period that can lead to growth and development, increase productivity and create wealth.  This is what we have always recognized.

 Simple, innovative, feedback is the basic direction of our product design. We hope and strive our ideas into practical action, innovation to bring vitality to the world, innovation to the world to bring fresh, innovative environmental protection to the world!

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digital LED controller
Langjing Road, Shenzhen
25 October 2018 - 25 October 2019


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1002 Langjing Road, Dalang, Longhua Distric, Shenzhen, 2 Floor, Shenzhen 518109, GuangDong, GuangDong, China

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