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HELISTAR Co.,Ltd Claimed

No. 202, Zhenxing Rd, Taya District, Taichung 42877, Taichung, Taiwan


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Welcome to Helistar !

Helistar Co., Ltd. established in March, 1985. Head office is located at 9F., No.405-12, Sec. 2, Zhongshan Rd., Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City 220, Taiwan. Factory is located at No.202, Zhenxing Rd., Daya Dist., Taichung City 428, Taiwan. Helistar Co., Ltd. specialized in Electromagnetic Clutch & Brake, Electromagnetic Powder Clutch & Brake, Hollow Spindle Magnetic Powder Brake, Mini-Type Magnetic Powder Clutch, Power Off/ Fail Safe Brake, Magnetic Power Supplier. We have already established a good reputation. Our products have been sold all over the county and well received by numerous customers.

Helistar's business operations are guided by the principles: We are determined to provide excellent products and services, treasure to be entrusted with satisfying the diversified needs of customers. We adhere to this belief to strengthen our management system, to enhance the company's corporate image and reputation. We provide high quality products, and constantly develop new process. We also put in the most advanced production equipment in order to enhance the company's overall competitiveness.

Our company’s main products are used in Printing Machinery, Paper-relative working Machinery, Bag Making Machinery, Paper Making Machinery, Cable and Wire Machinery, Wire Coiling Machinery, Wire Machinery, Strapping Packaging Machinery, Textile Machinery, Fiber Machinery, Twisting Machinery, Wood-Working Machinery, Inspection and Testing Equipment, Burthen Simulating Device, a variety of Precise Tensile Force Controlling Device, Common Industrial Device and Others Industrial Common Machinery.

Our products implement of lightweight design, the original milling of cast parts, change the new design uses die casting successfully, electromagnetic and magnetic particle type of product implementation, compact, lightweight and multi-faceted installation possible. Parts and materials have been finalized temperature uniformity special treatment to keep long-term use of, and use anti-H-bearing to ensure a long operating life, high temperature products using Class H coils are enameled and after styling treatment to prolong the life and maintain high stability tension.

On the test of quality, all the specifications of products are produced exclusive tester, implement 100% quality control tests on the test machinery, treasure customer care to ensure quality and stability. Provide after-sales service as follows: under normal working conditions and reasonable operational use, since the warranty period of one year from the date of shipment of the normal warranty period.

Our products have been sold to China, Europe and America, Southeast Asia, We hopes Helistar will be extended to sell our products around the world. Let all the customers who use Helistar’s Electromagnetic Power Clutch & Brake in all of world, they can know how we work hard on the quality, and we are constantly develop new products, provide the best products and reasonable price for customers.


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No. 202, Zhenxing Rd, Taya District, Taichung 42877, Taichung, Taiwan

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