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Kingstown Beachmont Virgin Islands

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to get rid of the need to enter into an employment relationship, while maintaining a high level of service
IT outsourcing is a partial or complete assignment of the responsibility to maintain, maintain and upgrade the IT infrastructure on the shoulders of a specialized company. It combines the availability of a staff of highly qualified IT specialists with a high level of profile support for such complex solutions as servers, terminal servers, business applications, database management systems, automatic telephone exchanges, corporate mail.Advantages of outsourcing IT services:
Reducing the cost of maintaining the IT infrastructure.
Increase the performance and stability of IT systems.
Minimization of downtime, and hence, financial losses of the company.
Increase the profitability of the company.
Ensure prompt recovery after troubleshooting.
Work exclusively with professionals.
Transparent reporting system.
Decrease in the taxable base.
Increase in investment attractiveness.
Reducing the workload of personnel and accounting staff administration.
Reducing risks and costs.
Ability to avoid labor disputes, etc.
Functional outsourcing
Transfer part of the functions of the IT department to service the service company. Functional outsourcing of information technologies combines the availability of mid-level IT specialists in the staff and skilled specialized support of complex IT solutions - servers, PBX, corporate mail, terminal servers, business applications, database management systems. The prices for the service depend on the set of selected options.
Outsourcing of system services - service of system services of the customer. Within the framework of this service, specialists of outsourcing companies perform preventive maintenance of failures and control the operation of key customer services: e-mail, file, web-services, information security services, network services, data recovery, etc., and solve tasks related to the functioning of information technology.
Complex outsourcing of IT infrastructure - management and support of operating systems, office applications, support for office equipment and other tasks related to information technology. This type of outsourcing is suitable mainly for small businesses. IT specialists perform daily monitoring of the main services of the company, as necessary, carry out preventive visits to the customer, and other actions are carried out remotely using remote access.

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Kingstown Beachmont Virgin Islands


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