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Jiangsu Dawang Ventilation Machinery Co.,Ltd Claimed

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Business Details

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Company profile
Jiangsu Dawang Ventilation Machinery Co.,Ltd is the first artificial intelligence industrial fans manufacturer in China. We are specializing in design, R & D, production, marketing and maintenance services for new generation super large industrial ventilation fans.DAWANGFANS adopts HVLS fan technology by American, which is the most directly and effective solution to ventilation and cooling for high volume. With years of experience and strong technical R & D team, we always maintained progressiveness in HVLS industry!

Product introduction
The wind generated by Dawang industrial fans provided for this project is similar to the natural breeze system,It's the wind speed that your skin feels best when it's cool .The body can feel the temperature difference of 5-8 degrees, they can have a comfortable working environment in hot summer, improving production efficiency.
"Healthy-wind" series industrial large ceiling fans maximum diameter can reach 7.3m , hung on the rooftop. Similar to regular small ceiling fans, but different from small ceiling fans, they can generate large air flow at low speed , form cross-ventilation through the whole building, to realize ventilation and cooling

Product function
1. Ventilation:Our Fans can promote the air circulation, perfect streamline make users enjoy the 2-4 m/s spatial formula air supply, form the nature breeze system, promoting dispersion of heavy dust, moisture, Co2 and poor air to improve the air quality, create a healthy, dry and safety work environment, enhance the work efficiency
2.Convenient:Adopted the latest frequency conversion stepless speed control system, convenient to use. Humanized operation interface make users to enjoy the beauty of science and technology of life
3.Drying:Large air volume promote air flow effectively, make moisture well disperse and decrease the problems appear probability such as bedbug, mycete and so on
4.Elegant and durable:After complex surface treatment, the fan can avoid cleaning. The fan life can more than 10 years.
5.save energy and reduce consumption:The rated power of whole machine is 1.5kw, which can cover more than 1400m2 area, energy consumption is only 0.8 KWH. Compared with small powerful fans and high-power air conditioners, which reduces your costs greatly

Dawang fans Work principle
After years of dedicated research and exploration, Dawangfans integrates foreign advanced aviation technology to develop superior performance propeller fan blade, only need rotating slowly form a continuous and quiet breeze sir. The slow rotation of uniquely efficient airfoil-shaped blades creates large airflow pushing down, thus forming a perfect exhaust of propeller blade. Large airflow pushed to the ground, forming air layer horizontal movement at a certain height on the ground to promote the whole air circulation. The advantage is full coverage of the ground and three-dimensional circulation of the air.

Dawangfans Product parameters
1.Coverage: ≥1400m2
2. Body feeling cooler: 5-7C
3. Power supply: 380V/220V 50Hz,1.5KW
4. Blade qty/material:5pcs, aluminum sheet model AL5052H32
5.Blade layer/thickness:double 1.5mm aluminum alloy plate *5pcs
6. Blade surface: Blades, wheel chassis and other parts are required to water-proof and air corrosion
7.Noise: ≤60dba
8. Motor brand: German Nord
9. Speed controller: TOCOS/RV24
10.wheel chassis material: AL6061-T6(mortise and tenon joint structure)
11. Blade color: sliver(Aluminum original color)
12.Control system: schneider frequency converter + schneider interrupter
14.Own patent: inner cone, wheel chassis structure, blade and wheel connection,appearance

Dawang fans Application
Tall plant, logistics warehouse, shopping, fitness room, Leisure Club, Internet cafes,
school hall, large restaurants, stadiums, villas, commercial street, government affairs hall, bus (train) station, wharf, airport, livestock farm, aluminum processing industry, foundry industry, metallurgical industry, military training hall, etc

Dawang fans Security grantee
1.Steel wire rope protection:Connector and universal Beam are winded with 1000KG tension strength wire rope to prevent the whole fan from sliding and falling.
2.Steel wire rope balance protection:Four wire ropes are fixed by balance principle and traction of the building to prevent the fan from shaking and falling under external force and airflow.
3.Anti-falling safety ring:Safety ring connects the electric unit with wheel hub, forming fasten body to preventing the broken shaft from falling apart
4.Anti-fall self - locking device:The patented output shaft tensioner device of reducer (inner cone design) forms self-locking in the case of bolt loosening to ensure the hub and output shaft are firmly fastened together.
5.Integrated hub:The patented integrated wheel hub is embedded with 5 special-shaped fasteners, which can support exceed 11 tons of tension by government authority test
6.Mortise and tennon petiole connection:The "convex" shape petiole and "concave" shape structure of the buffer device are locked with bolts. Blade, petiole and chassis wheel form integral whole to avoid cutting force and prevent the blade from upwarp, falling and waggle
7.Shock absorber:The middle part of blade and petiole is connected with shock absorber, The special rubber pad can decrease the vibration caused by blades rotation
8.Blade high strength connection:Each blade is riveted to Shock absorber with 16 rivets, each rivet can load 1.5 tons shear force.
9.Avionics anti-impact blade:Adopt 1.5mm thickness 5052 aero-grade aluminum plate, can loading more than 3 tension force, to ensure blade will not crack when hit by external forces during operation
10.Abnormal alarm system:Control system is equipped with protection when over-voltage, overload and phase loss. It will automatically alarm and stop work.

Dawang fans Configuration
1.Motor:Custom manufacture motor,NORD German.Low gear gap assembly process, gear grinding process, low noise,No vibration,free maintenance, more safety.Get CCC、CE、UL certification
2.Frequency Converter:Top Frequency Converter configuration, Schneider electric suit.Safety protection module, automatically cut off when accident,protection grade IP55.Passed UL,EMC,LVD,ROHS certification
3.variable cross-section Streamlined blade:1.5mm thick 5052 aero-grade 5 pieces aluminum plate are adopted, variable cross-section streamlined blades( equal string length theory of Aerodynamics).Fan blade gradually narrows from root to tip and thins to the tail then widens, single blade weights is 7.7kg
4.Wheel hub chassis:7075 aero-grade aluminum material,after CNC machining, chassis precision tolerance controlled at 100μm to ensure balance.
5.Main Frame:Q345 high strength steel structure laser cutting,after pickling and phosphating,coating thickness up to 80 ~ 100 microns, curing temperature is 190℃. Surface hardness has no scratch by 2H pencil test, up to GB6739-86 standard
6.mortise and tenon connection:Fully mortise and tenon connection,ensure the overall fan safety

After-sales service
The whole Dawang industrial ceiling fan guaranteed for three years,structural components for ten years (except man-made damage). From the acceptance report date, all damages caused by normal use shall be repaired free of charge by the manufacturer.
After receiving notification, after-sale stuff shall respond within 12 hours, if it can't be solved online, the suffer shall arrive the site within 24 hours. The notification issued in telephone or fax. If failed to arrive the site and not deal the problems in stipulated time, the manufacturer shall be responsible for the customer’s loss

More information please click here to our company website

Jiangsu Dawang Ventilation Machinery Co.,Ltd
Add:No.22,Yanjin road,Huishan district,Wuxi,China
Tel:86-510-83758014    FAX:86-510-83758014
M. P/Wechat.:00 86 189 215 00189 Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dawangfans advantage compare with others


1.Blade shape- Streamlined variable cross-section
Blade gradually narrows from root to tip and thins to tail then widens
like plane wing, more conform to the equal string length theory of aerodynamic
Fan volume is more even, higher and there is no hole in the middle, low air resistance, save energy consumption.

2.Blade weight-light
Each blade is 7.7KG,total weight for 5pcs is 38.5KG.Small blades ,light weight, reduce the motor load, increase the fan life.Low energy consumption.

3.blade petiole joint -- full mortise and tenon joint
The convex shape petiole and concave shape buffer device are locked with bolts, each blade is riveted together with damping device by 16 rivets. Blade, damping device and petiole become a whole, torsional and shear force reduced.

4.blade angle—3 degree up
Variable section design, tip 3 degrees higher than root, improving the air flow from cylindrical to conical, increase coverage, more than 1500 square meters.

5.petiole and wheel hub joint
Lock petiole in the pistion on the hub through the concave and convex surface.Petiole and chassis hub form an integral whole to prevent blade from upwarp, falling and waggling
It can load more than 8 tons tensile force


More information please click here to our www.dawangfanschina.com

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