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81 Netaji Subhas Road, Room 203, Century Plaza Building, Kolkata 700001, West Bengal, India

Business Details

We Stand As Your Productivity Partner

Industries Served: 

1.     Metal Working Industry

2.     Paper/Tissue/Recycle Industry

3.     Packaging/Carton Industry

4.     Wood Working Industry

5.     Rubber Industry

6.     Textile/Cloth Industry

7.     Leather/Footwear Industry

8.     Food Processing Industry

9.     Plastic/PVC Industry


Our Product Range:


1.     Knives for Metal Working

a.     Bimetal Band Saw Blade

b.     HSS Segmental Saw Blades

c.     Shear Blade and Knives

d.     Hot Saw Blade & Friction Saw Blade

e.     HSS Circular Saw Blade

f.      TCT Cold Saw Blade

g.     Slitting Cutter

h.     TCT Circular Saw Blade for Steel Cutting


2.     Knives for Wood Working

a.     Veneer Peeling Knife

b.     Veneer Slicer Knife

c.     Chipper Knife

d.     Band Saw Blade

e.     TCT Circular Saw Blade


3.     Knives for Paper Manufacturing/Tissue Converting/Printing Industry

a.     Slitting Knives (Top & Bottom)

b.     Sheeter Knives

c.     Guillotine Paper Cutting Knives

d.     Trimmer Knives

e.     Perforation Knives

f.      Log Saw Blade


4.     Knives for Plastic/PVC Industry

a.     Granulator Knives

b.     Shredder Knives

c.     Circular Knives

d.     TCT Saw Blade for Plastic/PVC Cutting

e.     Auto Skiver Knives/Tread Knives

f.      Slitter Knives

g.     Toothed Circular Saw Blade

h.     Bias cutter blades

Price List

Wood Working Knives
  • Peeling Knives
    175.00 USD
    Peeling Knives

    Our veneer peeling knives are manufactured according to the highest possible standards for state-of-the-art industrial cutting tools. Capacity: We produce peeling knives in different lengths up-to 3.5 meter (3500mm).


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81 Netaji Subhas Road, Room 203, Century Plaza Building, Kolkata 700001, West Bengal, India

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Technical and Sales
Rahul Mandelia (+)

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