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9 1/2 Inch PDC Bit with 6 Wings - Drilling Tools

 Junziguan Village, Hejian 062450, China, China - Map Directions

29 June 2018 - 29 June 2018 29 June 2018 29 June 2018
  • Product Country of Origin::
  • China

PDC cutters different features are selected and bit profile design is optimized to suit different drilling applications in different formations to satisfy different requirements when drilling soft to medium hard formations without sulfureted hydrogen well section.

Cutting structure is force balanced,non-symmetrical blade and deep junk slots are designed to dramatically improve ROP of the bit.Matrix material of the bit adopts high quality steel and wear-resistance material with high performance is build-up welded on the surface of blades to prevent material from eroding.

Hydraulic system of the bit is optimized using dynamic flow pattern simulation technology to enhance cleaning and cooling effects of the bit to effectively prevent bit from balling.

Machining precision and retention of cutters are ensured by using milling center  with high performance five axes and high speed milling technology.

For more info:
website: www.crossingbit.com
Hebei Crossing Drill Bit Manufacture CO.,LTD

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